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March 2, 2009

Lesson #4: Listen to those around you, including your patients.

When asked what influenced my career the most, I don’t hesitate in saying it was the importance of the human in the chair. Even in a figurative sense, referring to humans in parts of the world where dentistry isn’t even available, it’s still all about the human. And certainly for the clinician, the ability to change someone’s life for the better is the greatest gift one can receive.

As a dentist with a staff or as a CEO of a large “small business”, I’ve come to learn that it is critical to listen to the inputs of caring colleagues. It is important to listen to managers, especially those who have grown to levels of high competence and experience. It is impossible for one person to know all that is required to run a dental practice or business at peak performance day in and day out.

Additionally, I’ve come to learn that I should pay attention, listen and respect the valued aspects of patients or colleagues lives. What is very important to one person may be of little consequence to another. The more we learn to realize and respect this truth, the more open our minds become and the more people will want to be around us. I’ve also come to learn that it is wrong to jump in with answers prematurely. As I get older, it becomes more satisfiying to hear solutions come from those around me.

Regardless of whether the idea was the same as mine or better than what I would have offered, there is a sense of pride in allowing them to provide the solution. I will confess that I slip from time to time on this very important subject (and others) but I hope I work towards perfecting them before I turn the finale marker of my 60s.

March 27, 2009

Lesson #5: Give to others who are less fortunate. It is only with an open hand that one has the ability to receive.

It is only with humility that one can talk about the lesson of giving back. During my career, I’ve encountered many clinicians who were willing to serve support missions abroad spreading the message that Ultradent is also passionate about - to improve the level of oral healthcare globally. There are amazing accounts of these individuals traveling at their own time and expense for the rare opportunity to help others. The Diversity Foundation, which Ultradent launched a few years back, has been instrumental for many of these type of activities. The word empowerment has a unique but important stance in the foundation’s mission. The act of “giving” empowers the receiver through access and the giver through mindful awareness. I hope we have the opportunity to continue giving back beyond the finale marker of my 60s.

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