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USS George H W Bush


Dear Dr. Fischer,

I wanted to share with you my wonderful experience on the USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier.  It was definitely a professional and personal highlight.  I boarded the ship after a mishap with shoes.  They forgot to tell me no open toe shoes so I had to borrow some tennis shoes.  They went well with my outfit.  Dr. Quagliotti hosted me for lunch in the wardroom where I got to me the XO of the ship, Capt. Roth.  I did a presentation in the dental clinic for the doctors and the dental team after lunch.  Dr. Quagliotti gave me an extended tour of the aircraft carrier.  I have honestly never experienced anything so amazing and humbling at once.  Everyone on the ship was so nice.  I have even more respect  for our men and women in the military.  Dr. Q explained all the daily actions that take place while under way.  These men and women work from 16-22 hrs a day.  I will say the air flight office was the coolest room where it was what they call “controlled chaos”.  This is where they keep up with all the aircraft coming, going, staying, etc.  Quite impressive!  Dr. Quagliotti left an open invitation for anyone if they ever want to tour the ship.  He likes to show it off!  I attached a picture of me with the dental team of the USS George H W Bush.  I was not allowed to take any other pictures because it is “sensitive”.

I want you all to know how lucky I am to work with such outstanding doctors and dental teams.   They even sent me home with a gift.  They gave me a ship travel mug and ship sticker.  This was truly an amazing experience.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer Strickler, Territory Account Manager-Virginia

It was nice of Jenny to share her experience with us.  It truly is a great experience to be invited onto one of these vessels. A few interesting facts to make note of:

1.        Each of these mega aircraft carriers has a crew, with pilots support etc of about 6000 people.  It is a fined-tuned, portable small city.

2.       The average age is 19!  With senior officers, which means there are a lot of 17 and 18 year olds on board.  And, it operates like a finely tuned watch because of fabulous and solid written systems which are taught over and over and executed flawlessly.  This is something every company, including Ultradent, can learn from.

3.       It has its own power nuclear plant, which runs for somewhere around 18  years without the need to refuel.

4.       The longest one of these vessels has been to sea without ever going into port is about half a year.  Amazing.

Thank you again for sharing Jenny. 


ghwbush3.jpg ghwbush5.jpg

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