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We promise to provide progressive and trustworthy solutions to clinicians, enabling them to respect oral tissues and promote well-being to their patients. Our commitment to humanity is to continually pursue the discovery of cures for caries and gum disease.

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20 Reasons to Love Opalescence Part III

We continue this series on why dentists and patients the world over love the Opalescence® Whitening System. If you happened to miss the earlier installments of this series, check them out here with Part I and Part II.
Now, on to reason 11!

11. Opalescence offers a complete line of whitening products, including:

Opalescence PF

Opalescence® PF

Opalescence’s original professional take-home whitening treatment is used with a custom tray and provides numerous concentrations and wear times for the ultimate individualized whitening experience.

Opalescence Boost

Opalescence® Boost

Boost is the premier in-office whitening treatment designed to give immediate results. This 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a light. All it takes is two 20-minute applications in the dental chair to achieve brilliant, sparkling results.

Opalescence Go

Opalescence Go®

It’s the ultimate in “ready-to-go” semi-custom whitening treatments. Opalescence Go comes in a prefilled UltraFit™ tray that instantly and conveniently conforms to any patient’s smile. Available in Mint, Melon, and Peach flavors with 20–60 minute wear time options.

12. Opalescence is only sold by professional dentists.
Ultradent, Opalescence’s parent company, is committed to the highest quality dental care. Opalescence is only available through a professional dentist so that clinicians can determine if a patient’s teeth are healthy enough to whiten, help them select the best and most comfortable whitening system for them, and form realistic outcome expectations. All in all, a professional whitening system like Opalescence is ultimately geared toward helping the patient have the best experience possible while achieving their most satisfying result.

13. All of Opalescence’s many whitening options offer the ultimate in convenience for both patients and dentists.In order to be effective, a whitening regimen must be as easy and convenient as possible for the dentist, but more importantly, for the patient in order to ensure consistent follow-through. For the dentist, the importance of convenience plays an important role in practice time-management and in ensuring maximum efficiency. With so many unique, convenient, and efficient application options such as at-home syringe delivery, in-office treatment that takes less than an hour from start to finish, or prefilled, ready-to-go trays, Opalescence products are extremely easy to use, no matter which treatment plan the patient and dentist choose.

14. Opalescence products can be combined to maximize effectiveness.
While each of Opalescence’s products and systems are extremely effective by themselves, many patients prefer to use a combination of treatments and products to best meet their needs. For example, a bride with a fast-approaching wedding may want immediate results for her big day and choose Opalescence Boost for a quick in-office treatment. However, she may choose to maintain and even continue to whiten her smile after the wedding with an ongoing regimen of Opalescence Go or Opalescence PF. All of Opalescence’s products can be mixed and matched for custom treatment plan, individualized to the unique needs of each and every patient.

15. Opalescence offers special products for unique cases.
No matter what type of staining or discoloration a patient may present, Opalescence has the right product to lighten any smile. Opalustre®, Ultradent’s chemical and mechanical abrasion slurry, is designed specifically to remove superficial white and brown stains and provides minimally invasive treatment for fluorosis. To learn more, and see results achieved using Opalustre, click here.

Opalustre isn’t the only unique whitening product designed for unique cases. Opalescence® Endo is formulated specifically to whiten endodontically treated, discolored, non-vital teeth. To learn more, and to see results achieved using Opalescence Endo, click here.

Stayed tuned for Part IV of 20 Reasons to Love Opalescence. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below. We’ll do our best to individually address each and every one. Thank you for reading!

» Walker ShaLyse

KOL Meeting in Paradise (Bali!)

Just last month, numerous “key opinion leader” dentists (KOL’S) and industry professionals from Asia and the South Pacific gathered in the paradisiacal island of Bali for a weekend of learning, activities, and teambuilding exercises. “We wanted the experience to be not only a great opportunity to learn, but to have some fun too, so we incorporated a lot of activities that helped attendees take advantage of the beautiful location, including cycling through the island,” said Josephine Siew, who attended and helped organize the summit.

With the last major KOL meeting held in Beijing in 2007, Siew says they felt the need for another gathering was necessary, in order to educate doctors about all of the new technologies and innovations from Ultradent in recent years.

Speakers at the event included Stephan Lampl of Edelweiss; Chris Chen, who lectured on bonding and VALO; and Angelo Lazaris and Ashleigh Speer, speaking on marking in the tooth whitening realm, among others. “For me, the best part of the meeting was finishing each and every lecture with a ‘hands-on’ exercise, which was so helpful and exciting. It also really helped cement what we had all just learned in our minds. It made each lecture so enjoyable from start to finish. We did hands-on sessions for everything from bonding lectures to photography lectures!” said Siew.

As mentioned, participants hailed everywhere from Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Myanmar, and more—with a total of 26 clinicians and professions in attendance.

With the success of the year’s meeting, Siew said she and other participants are already looking forward to the next.

» Walker ShaLyse

20 Reasons to Love Opalescence Part II

Today we continue with our four-part series on the many reasons that dentists and patients love the Opalescence® Tooth Whitening System. If you happened to miss the first part, no problem. Click here. Otherwise, let’s move forward with reasons 6-10. Check it out:

6. Opalescence is available in both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide formulas to best fit any patient’s needs.
When it comes to whitening, hydrogen peroxide formulas and carbamide peroxide formulas are equally effective, although some patients prefer one over the other. Carbamide peroxide formulas like Opalescence® PF allow for a more gradual, slow (but equally effective) release, making this formula ideal for patients who prefer to whiten at a lower concentration for a longer period of time, like overnight whitening.
Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, releases more quickly, requiring usage times of only 20–60 minutes per day. For even quicker results, patients can choose Opalescence’s in-office whitening treatment, Opalescence® Boost, a dentist-administered, 40% hydrogen peroxide treatment that takes between 1 and 1.5 hours for quick, sparkling results.

7. Opalescence is formulated with a high concentration of water.
The high concentration of water in all of Opalescence’s whitening gels has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping to reduce patient sensitivity without compromising the effectiveness of the gel. For a time, many whitening products on the market began to reduce the amount of water in their whitening formulas to allow for a longer shelf life, but Opalescence has always put patient comfort and satisfaction first—which meant stubbornly keeping the water concentration in its products high, while maintaining an equally effective, but more comfortable whitening experience. And, despite refusing to lower its water concentrations, Opalescence boasts a one-year shelf life (unrefrigerated), and stays good for up to 18 months when refrigerated.

8. Opalescence comes in a variety of delicious flavors, is 100% gluten free, and is a certified Kosher product.
Here’s another way Opalescence was designed with something for everyone in mind. Not only are all of Opalescence gels gluten-free, but they’re also a certified Kosher product. Additionally, gone are the days of yucky tasting teeth whitening products. Opalescence is available in delicious flavors like Mint, Melon, and Peach (in most concentrations), making the Opalescence experience not only comfortable, but pleasant!

9. Opalescence is always sweetened with Xylitol.
All Opalescence products are sweetened exclusively with Xylitol, a non-carcinogenic, sugar-free sweetener that promotes oral health.

10. Opalescence is pH balanced.
Due to the fact that whitening gels can often spend hours inside a patient’s mouth, it’s essential that the whitening product’s pH match the natural, healthy pH of the mouth. Anything higher could potentially cause acid erosion, and lower pHs can oftentimes promote the development of unhealthy bacteria. Opalescence’s pH balanced formula safe-guards against these hazards, making whitening a gentle and safe experience for the patient and their teeth.

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section of the post. We’re happy to answer them!

Stay tuned for Part III of 20 Reasons to Love Opalescence!

» Walker ShaLyse

The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics & Truth in Advertising

This past weekend at the California Dental Association, Ultradent received a most exciting honor, the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising.

Initial company nominees for this prestigious award were selected by a respected group of well-known and well-respected clinicians and leaders in the dental industry, including numerous Key Opinion Leader doctors.
Together, they examined upwards of 3,000 companies before selecting a small group of nominees. They selected the nominated companies based on the following merits:

• Ethical Conduct
• Placement of Public Health before Profits
• Dependable Products
• Knowledgeable Personnel
• Excellent Customer Service

The final nominees were then voted on by thousands of practicing dentists across the nation to select the winner—Ultradent Products, Inc.!

Dr. Amir Motamed presenting the award to Dr. Dan Fischer

Of receiving the honor, Dr. Dan Fischer, President and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc. said, “We’re so honored to have received this recognition. Additionally, it must be said that the true honor for this award goes to the men and women at Ultradent who work tirelessly every day to uphold the values upon which Ultradent hangs its hat: Integrity, Care, Quality, Innovation, and lastly, Hard work. They embody these values in the way they contribute to our vision every day, regardless of their personal job description or the continent on which they serve. We are humbled to receive this recognition and will use it as a critical reminder of our duty to continue to be responsible and caring to those we serve, both inside and outside Ultradent. Indeed, we are truly fortunate humans. Onward and upward!”

In choosing to create the award, Dr. Amir H. Motamed, DDS, says “As part of our efforts to create more transparency in dentistry, we have created a very unique and luxurious award: The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising. With the ever-increasing prominence of the Internet in the Information Age, it has become increasingly more challenging for dentists to delineate fact from fiction and pertinent research results from creative marketing strategies. The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence has been created to represent and promote the values that the dental profession holds in its highest regard.

The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence has the distinction of being the most elaborate award in Dentistry. Conceptualized by Amir H. Motamed, DDS, the sculpture was designed and made by commissioned artist and master craftsman, Donjo. The sculpture is made of casted bronze over an Italian barble base. It stands 16 inches tall and weighs 18.4 pounds. The sculpted Golden Hands of Dentistry are shown upholding the four colored triangles of the dental profession: Dental Education, Dental Professionals, Dental Organizations and the Dental Industry—all pointing to a common core.

Ultradent is thrilled, honored, and humbled to have received such a distinction in the name of a cause we truly believe in. It is our greatest hope to continue on with a legacy of truth and ethics in advertising and all else that we do in all the years to come.

» Dan Fischer

Change & Growth

Growth is healthy. It’s good for the soul. Even difficult or challenging growth, if we let it, can help us gain experience, become smarter and wiser, make us stronger, and ultimately better. However, many people avoid change, viewing it as a negative or uncomfortable experience, or simply as something that “happens to them.” I choose to see it differently. I believe in seeking after change, be it positive.

In fact, in my own life, and as it applies to Ultradent, I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy: “Driven by gorgeous change shalt have no top; if it were not so, mediocrity would be our lot.” To put it simply, constant progression—constant improvement—is the goal.

Progression, growth, improvement, change—these are the tenants upon which Ultradent was founded 1978, and my greatest hope is that 20 years from now, they will continue to be the marking characteristics upon which this company hangs its hat.

In 20 years, I see the company continuing to grow and continuing to offer many great and exciting products—some that will be enhancements on existing products (in line with our declaration of continuous improvement,) and some will be the first of their kind—much like Ultradent’s hallmark product, Astringedent®—the likes of which the dental industry had never seen before.

Without sacrificing the things that matter most, I hope that I, and the fabulous, hard-working individuals that make up this company, will always seek learning, seek change, and seek progress. A wise man once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else!” Well, I say, it’s onward and upward in many great and exciting ways for Ultradent.

» Walker ShaLyse

The Ambition and Energy of Ashleigh Speer

Although she’s only been with Ultradent for just over a year and a half, Ashleigh Speer, the company’s country manager over Australia and New Zealand, says that Ultradent “feels like home.”

Yet even though her job may feel like home, she’s certainly far from her native home of the United States. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Ashleigh has taken life “down-under” by the horns, staying busy with work and managing to fit in some professional networking and play when she can. After all, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the landscapes Ashleigh covers, which she calls “very unique and beautiful.”

Of her role as country manager, Ashleigh says there are too many favorite aspects of her job to narrow it down. “It would be very hard to pinpoint one thing—but I would have to say the opportunity to interact with so many great people is at the top. Second to that is the scope of work I get to do. There is such a range of activity that I handle on a day-to-day basis that I am constantly learning, and that’s something I get to keep forever.” She continues, “I work with a really great team and we all love learning and having new experiences. It really makes for a fantastic work environment.”

Although she’s nearly on the other side of the world from Ultradent headquarters, Ashleigh says that she feels and sees Dr. Fischer’s influence almost every day. “Dr. Fischer is a big part of making me feel proud to be at Ultradent. He has been brilliant and warm, and every time I see him, he somehow remembers everything I told him the last time. It’s incredibly impressive! He made me feel welcome and like a part of the family right away, despite my nervousness to meet him. He just exudes love and passion for what he does and for his quest to improve the people’s lives he works with and who Ultradent and its products touch, above all else.”

Expanding on the famous “family feel” of Ultradent, Ashleigh says, “My interactions with everyone at Ultradent have been amazing and I think that comes from the top. Everyone is very proud to work here, and has such a passion for their job. My first day at Ultradent (at Ultradent headquarters in South Jordan, Utah), Andrea Bailey invited to go for a hike, Phyllis Thibodeau fed me some amazing chili, Trevor Oldroyd took me on a great tour of the facilities, Tina Stiehle invited me for a workout on the on-site gym, and I got a great big hug from Dr. Fischer. I immediately thought, ‘WOW! What an amazing place to work.’”

Ashleigh’s favorite product, she says, is without a doubt, Opalescence Go®. “I love Opalescence Go because not only was it my first full product launch as country manager in Australia and New Zealand, but it’s a product that allows me to market it to both dental professionals and consumers, which I enjoy.”

Ashleigh’s efforts have paid off, as Opalescence Go has been welcomed with open arms by consumers and the dental community in her territory. “It is truly magical to have such an unique, groundbreaking, and fantastic product to present to dental professionals. Also, adding that consumer element has gotten everyone so excited—the distributors, the clinicians, the entire Australia/New Zealand Ultradent team, and even the media here! It’s such a cool experience.”
She adds, “We just launched VALO® Colors to the Australian Market and it has also been a very fun launch. It has exceeded our expectations on every level and it has been a blast getting the sales teams here excited about VALO again.”

When Ashleigh isn’t working on exciting new product launches, she spends her time traveling to seminars and trainings, fielding questions from sales teams, working with KOLs, creating marketing pieces, and answering emails. She also frequently meets with territory managers, distributors, and often makes calls on local magazines to discuss Opalescence Go and more recently, Edelweiss™.

While on the job, Ashleigh says she’s constantly receiving positive feedback about Ultradent and its products. “Customers here LOVE Ultradent. When I tell me people I work for Ultradent, most them say, ‘Oh I use your etch. It’s the best etch on the market,’ or, ‘How’s Dr. Fischer? I went to his house many years ago and he is just amazing.’ There is a very warm sentiment here for the company.”

On her free time, Ashleigh loves to take advantage of all that Australia and New Zealand have to offer. “I love surfing, snowboarding and hiking. The snow isn’t great here so I miss having access to great skiing, but the surf makes up for it. I recently climbed Mt. Kosciuszko (the highest point in Australia) with some friends from the U.S.” She continues, “I’m a member of Australian Mensa and a few business associations that keep my mind busy. I’m a voracious reader when I have the time. I also love cooking. We have access to such great food in Australia, so I enjoy learning to cook new things. Right now I’m trying to learn a BBQ Duck Egg Noodle Soup dish that a dentist gave me the recipe for a few weeks ago.”

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Essential Factors to Getting a High Quality Cure


So many aspects and variables affect the final outcome of a restoration, be it the technical difficulty of the restoration itself, the quality of the preparation, the chosen composite resin used, etc. However, the impact of the success and longevity of a restoration’s cure is too often ignored. Achieving a predictable, high-quality cure every time is absolutely essential. Here are some factors that influence the quality of any cure, along with a few tips on how to successfully maneuver them to your and the patient’s benefit: 

Proximity to Restoration 

VALO Accessibility


Better access to the restoration with the curing light ensures the delivery of the maximum amount of power (emitted light) to the dental material. Therefore, a curing light that allows for perpendicular positioning to any curing site, including posterior teeth, is paramount to the quality of the procedure. While many of the curing lights available on the market feature, at best, a 60° angle at the curing head, VALO®’s slim head and low profile design allow the clinician to easily access hard-to-reach areas, even in smaller mouths. 

Type of Light Emitted 



Studies have shown, again and again, the importance of a curing light that features a wide spectrum of wavelengths, enabling it to polymerize all dental materials. However, most existing devices on the market don’t offer multiple LED wavelengths nor achieve uniform irradiation with the LEDS offered. VALO’s four highly efficient LEDs provide uniform dispersion of energy to the restoration, at three different wavelengths of light to ensure complete polymerization, every time. 

Beam Collimation and Uniformity 

VALO Collumation


Finding a high-energy light that reaches into all aspects of the restoration is critical to predictably producing high-quality results. One of the critical aspects that influence this outcome includes the curing light’s beam collimation and uniformity. Dr. Fischer says, “The quality of a restoration is totally dependent on how adequately that restoration and its bonding agent are polymerized. The power output and size of footprint varies immensely among the curing lights available in the dental market today. VALO’s lens is designed to create a beam that is close to parallel to the preparation, while still emitting enough light to the curing material on the axial walls of the preparation.” This allows VALO to deliver a complete and uniform cure to any restoration. The power, concentration of light, and its collimated, uniform energy output also allow it to cure dental materials completely, even at a distance. Dr. John Kanca of Middlebury, Connecticut, says, “VALO’s ability to produce the greatest amount of energy at distances up to 10mm from the tooth is just amazing. I have been using this light for some time and would not want to be without it.” 

To learn more about VALO, please visit www.ultradent.com.

» Dan Fischer

Ultradent’s Most Versatile Product

There is nothing one can do well, in a quality sense, when it comes to operative dentistry in the presence of bleeding. That is why I believe Ultradent’s tissue management line—most notably, ViscoStat® or Astringedent® X (in combination with the Metal Dento-Infuser® tip)—to undoubtedly be the most versatile products that we offer. They’re not only needed, but they’re absolutely paramount to the success of the greatest amount of dental procedures that a clinician performs.

Be it impression-making or in direct-placed restorations, ViscoStat and Astringedent X will quickly, readily, and most importantly, predictably stop bleeding. To be able to do that without leaving the residue of many of the clay or mud-like hemostatics still on the market today, which can contaminate the bonding surfaces and the like, is incredible! Stopping the bleeding quickly so dentists can move on with the procedure means that these products can positively influence more dentistry than anything else. Also, thanks to the aforementioned fast-action and predictability of ViscoStat and Astringedent X, these products are sure to not only be the most useful and versatile tools in a clinician’s arsenal, but they’re also likely to save them and the patient a vast amount of quality time—a priceless commodity.

We’re a company that manufactures cutting-edge dental materials that raise the bar for quality dentistry. Despite Ultradent’s many innovations over our 36 years in the dental industry, I continue to rely on quality tissue management products—the ones that came first and led the way for more than 500 products we offer today—as the fundamentals in almost everything I do. They’re still the most versatile and valuable products that virtually every dentists needs and uses every day.

» Walker ShaLyse

20 Reasons to Love Opalescence (Part I)

Since its creation, the Opalescence® Tooth Whitening System has led the way in innovation and continuous improvement in the whitening market and shows no sign of stopping, as it remains the leader in professional tooth whitening today. Here’s a list of 20 reasons why dentists around the world choose Opalescence over any other system again and again. Check it out!

1. Opalescence has promoted and led the way in advances in tooth whitening since 1991.
Inarguably, with its introduction in 1991, Opalescence has revolutionized—and continues to revolutionize—the whitening industry, year after year. It was the first widely accepted professional tooth whitening system and later went on to develop the first widely used in-office whitening system. It was also the first system to add flavor to tooth whitening gels, and led the way in increasing peroxide percentages for safe at-home use.

2. Opalescence introduced the sticky, viscous whitening gel that remains the gold standard for tooth whitening today.
Opalescence’s renowned sticky, viscous gel formula changed both the effectiveness and patient comfort of the tooth whitening process as it allowed the gel to stay in place, preventing migration to the gingiva and from running down and subsequently burning the throat, like many of its predecessors. The gel holds the delivery tray in place to the point that the patient can sleep with a tray in their mouth all night without significant movement of the gel. In addition to comfort, the revolutionary sticky, viscous gel also increases the whitening’s effectiveness by allowing it to stay on the teeth for a greater amount of time.

3. Opalescence’s stability ensures the gel’s effectiveness for the entire duration of whitening time.
Opalescence’s remarkable stability allows for more effective whitening time—whether with a long-wear carbamide peroxide, or a shorter-wear hydrogen peroxide formula. Opalescence products also boast a shelf life of 12 months unrefrigerated, and 18 months refrigerated, allowing the patient to whiten at their own pace.

4. Opalescence has gained national and international recognition with numerous awards for excellence in tooth whitening.
Dentists and patients worldwide rely on Opalescence to achieve the white, bright smile they’re looking for. Thanks to Opalescence’s innovations, consistent results, comfort, and safety, it has garnered the attention of many experts in the field of dentistry, beauty, and the praise of patients throughout its 24 years on the market. Some of these include recognition from industry experts such as Reality, Dentistry Today, Dental Town, and Clinician’s Choice, to name a few.

5. Opalescence’s extensive product line has something for every lifestyle, timeline, whitening preference, and budget.
This includes Opalescence® PF, which is used with a scalloped custom tray and whitening syringes in various concentrations for personalized, at-home whitening, Opalescence® Boost, a high concentration, dentist-administered in-office system that 20 twenty minute applications, over a total of forty minutes chair-time, for a single visit, highly effective treatment, and Opalescence Go®, a semi-custom, pre-filled, disposable tray whitening system that allows users to whiten their teeth at their convenience without the hassle of a custom tray. Truly, Opalescence has something for everyone.

Stay tuned for Parts II and III of this series to learn more about why dentists and patients world-wide love Opalescence. You don’t want to miss it!

» Walker ShaLyse

Creativity and Innovation with Peter Allred

Peter Allred

“My favorite thing about my job is the freedom that working in Research & Development (R&D) gives me to be creative and research things. Certainly, it has to be disciplined, but it doesn’t mean I have a script for every day,” says Peter Allred, Ultradent’s Technology Director over Formulations.

Thanks to that culture of creativity and the freedom Ultradent gives its R&D team to try new things, the size and product offering of Ultradent has grown vastly since Peter first arrived. “When I started at Ultradent, I think we had 75–80 people who worked here. Now we have over a thousand! We made Opalescence® once a week—now we make four or five batches a day. Usually we’d make one or two other things, like Ultra-Etch, once a week too. We were a very small operation. There were only 10 people filling syringes and now we have automated machines to do that.” He continues, “We would go to Dr. Fischer’s house once a week or so to fill up two containers of glycerin, which is, aside from water, the most used ingredient in any of our products—and now we receive that in tanker trucks 500 gallons at a time, at several shipments a week. The scales have changed dramatically!”

Peter joined Ultradent in 1991, a year after Opalescence was introduced. Despite the brand’s immense growth over the years, he’s quick to attribute not only Opalescence’s growth, but the growth of modern teeth whitening in general largely to Dr. Fischer. “I’ve inherited a lot of the whitening family over the course of my career, but I stand on very big shoulders. Dr. Fischer is the originator of contemporary whitening as we know it—which has now gained worldwide acceptance. He is the person responsible for bringing it to the masses. Prior to sticky-viscous whitening products like Opalescence, yes, there was whitening, but it wasn’t convenient. It was liquid with horrible tray systems—and the product would run down your throat—it was just awful.”

Known for innovation, Dr. Fischer, Peter, and his team also revolutionized the way we whiten today. “10% carbamide peroxide gels were the mainstay for years. Nobody really dared to go any higher than that. 10% carbamide peroxide is equal to about 3% hydrogen peroxide, and now we’re up to 40% hydrogen peroxide with Opalescence® Boost, so it’s changed a lot (highly concentrated teeth whitening formulas like Opalescence BOOST can only be applied by a dentist and aren’t available for at-home use.) There are a lot of “firsts” on Opalescence’s timeline. We were the first company to offer flavored gels, we were the first to put additives in for improvement in sensitivity too. Some of that stuff, when we did it, was pushing the envelope.”

Peter also played a major role in the introduction of, arguably, the world’s first widely accepted in-office whitening treatment. “Even at its earliest stages, Opalescence BOOST was always red-colored ibecause of the contrast it offered to the teeth so the dentist could see the product clearly and make sure it didn’t go anywhere that they didn’t want it to.” However, shortly after the release of the original product, Peter and his team encountered some road blocks. “We were having issues with the stability of the product over time, which led us to creating the double-barreled syringe delivery system of Opalescence Boost, which separates the components of the product into two separate but connected syringes. That way, the clinician can mix and activate the product when they want, which solved the stability issue.”
He adds, “Of course, the credit for the double-barreled Opalescence Boost syringe also goes to molding R&D, who gave us this amazing system. Since Ultradent introduced it, the double-barreled syringe concept has been innovative enough that it’s now used extensively in the medical field and other industries.”

Today, Peter still loves working to create new and inventive ways to improve the dental industry, not just through teeth whitening. “Whenever a new product comes about, the chemical formula, testing, and first batches always routes through my group.”

As for the future, he says, “I see a lot of opportunity and advancement in the near future with fluoride varnishes. I’m really excited about it. If you think about it, fluoride treatments in the past 20 years usually were delivered with a big Styrofoam tray that they would put in your mouth and it was horrible and disgusting. I think the development of fluoride varnishes has had a huge impact on the industry because it’s a controlled amount of product that is given to the patient. We have a great formula with Enamelast® and it’s going to be really fun to see what the future holds with that.”

Once a congressional nominee for a coveted spot at West Point, Peter says he has no regrets about his long career with Ultradent, which has fostered his love for all things R&D. “My passion for chemistry was reinforced when I came to Ultradent because Dr. Fischer loves to dabble and play with formulas and chemicals. Yes, I always loved chemistry and math, but I originally wanted to go to school to be structural/civil engineer. After my experiences here, I changed my career path to chemistry, and the rest is history.”

When he’s not at Ultradent, Peter loves spending time with his wife of 21 years, his three children, and playing basketball with his son.