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Dr. Dan Fischer

We are driven to improve oral health globally through science, creativity and education.

We promise to provide progressive and trustworthy solutions to clinicians, enabling them to respect oral tissues and promote well-being to their patients. Our commitment to humanity is to continually pursue the discovery of cures for caries and gum disease.

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CE Event

Friday, August 5, 2011

Join us in Orange County!

Be a hero to your family and take them on a vacation in Orange County, one of the most family-friendly destinations in the USA. You can sneak away for our free, 8 CE credit seminar given by Dr. Dan Fischer, and gain the tax benefit of a business trip. This course addresses the needs of the entire dental team, and focuses on practical, useful information, such as revolutions in tooth bleaching and alternatives to the rubber dam in particular cases of direct esthetic restorations.

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» Walker ShaLyse

Endo-Eze FIND


Without dispute, determining and establishing the correct apical working length during root canal therapy has a profound and critical effect on the successful outcome of the procedure. However, this very thing has presented a challenge to endodontists and clinicians for many years, due to the fact that locating the apical constriction zone within a clinical perspective is very difficult—mostly because of its position and conformation, which are highly variable.

Methods of determining the working length include tactile sensation, knowledge of root canal lengths and anatomy, assessment of preoperative radiographs, and electronic apex locators. Traditionally, radiography has been the most used method in obtaining information on the anatomy of the root canal and its surrounding tissues. However, the working length measurement performed radiographically presents several limitations, namely radiation exposure, time expenditure, and difficulty of interpretation because it is a 2-dimensional image that is often overlapped with anatomic structures and is subject to the interpretation of the observer. Apex locators have been presented as valid instruments for identifying the apical foramen, helping to determine working length alternatively to the radiographic method. One published in vivo study states: “Underestimation of the WL [working length] can lead to insufficient debridement of the root canal, whereas overestimation can result in damage to the periapical tissues, which will delay or prevent healing…Furthermore, radiographs provide a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional structure, which might affect the interpretation.”1

Another published study found that “working length ending radiographically 0–2mm short of the radiographic apex does not guarantee that instrumentation beyond the apical foramen will be avoided. Therefore radiographic working-length measurements should be combined with electronic working length determination using modern apex locators.”2

Third-generation apex locators detect the canal terminus by measuring the electrical properties of the apical part of the root canal, such as resistance and impedance, using multi-frequency measurement, like Ultradent Products, Inc.’s Endo-Eze® FINDTM apex locator. Endo-Eze FIND is a battery operated, portable device designed for foramen localization, using a multifrequency-dependent impedance method. FIND’s easy-to-read, full-color graphic display, audio feedback, and fully automatic measurements make foramen localization and working-length determination easy and convenient during root canal treatment. Thanks to its compact design and small footprint, FIND easily fits on any counter or treatment tray.

To learn more about, or purchase, the Endo-Eze FIND apex locator kit, please call 800.552.5512 or visit ultradent.com.

1. Stöber EK, Duran-Sindreu F, Mercadé M, Vera J, Bueno R, Roig M. An evaluation of root ZX and iPex apex locators: an in vivo study. J Endod. 2011;37(5):608-10.

2. ElAyouti A, Weiger R, Löst C. Frequency of overinstrumentation with an acceptable radiographic working length. J Endod. 2001;27(1):49-52.

» Dan Fischer

Ultradent Drive

A few years back when discussing the plan to build the first phase of our now Building 2 with our city of South Jordan planning commission, one of the commissioners said, “Ya know, we probably could name the road you are on “Ultradent Drive” if you’d like.” I replied, “That would be awesome!” And that was the end of that.

People get busy, and soon enough, the idea fell through the cracks until a recent planning meeting where we found out that the city of South Jordan officially renamed 10200 South “Ultradent Drive.” What a fun surprise! We are honored and thrilled.

Throughout the years, Ultradent has loved not only calling Utah, but also this fabulous community, our home. We’re grateful for the way the city of South Jordan has welcomed us, championed our growth, and helped us celebrate our successes in return.

It will be great fun to see our new address represent all of the places I have come to love over the years: Ultradent, South Jordan, and gorgeous Utah.

Hence, our new address:

Ultradent Products, Inc.
505 West Ultradent Drive
South Jordan, Utah 84095


» Walker ShaLyse

Ortho: Safeguarding Your Patients Means Safeguarding Your Profits

It’s safe to say that braces require a significant adjustment for the patient when it comes to comfort, eating, and of course, hygiene. However, when patients invest in orthodontics, an aligned, beautiful smile isn’t the only thing they expect; they expect healthy teeth as well. One of the best ways patients can protect their pearly whites during the orthodontic process is a great orthodontic sealant.

Today, patient referrals make up over one million dollars in revenue for the average orthodontic practice, making quality care and quality products that much more important.1 Thus, choosing the right sealant not only protects your patient’s teeth, but it’s safeguarding your practice’s profits as well!

Fluoride plays an essential role in preserving healthy enamel. Choosing a sealant with the ability to not only release, but recharge fluoride, like Opal Orthodontics’ Opal Seal, helps protect the patient’s teeth throughout the orthodontic process, even in cases of extremely poor hygiene.

In addition to the many adjustments a patient must make during the orthodontic process, one difficult transition is helping the patient to feel as comfortable and as confident as possible in their new braces. Many orthodontic sealants on the market come with the negative reputation of possessing or taking on a yellow hue over time—adding to the self-consciousness the patient might already feel. Opal Seal’s non-yellowing, stain-resistant chemistry appears nearly invisible against the teeth, giving your patient a natural, esthetic look they can feel confident in throughout the entire orthodontic process. Opal Seal also fluoresces under black light, allowing for easy visibility during follow-up appointments.

An independent, third-party study performed a Vickers hardness test after ten days of pH cycling to evaluate enamel hardness on teeth treated with and without Opal Seal under dynamic conditions. The study ultimately showed a significant increase in enamel hardness of teeth treated with Opal Seal compared to those not treated with a blind placebo or no sealant at all.2

The outcome of quality orthodontic treatment not only involves giving patients an esthetically pleasing smile, it also includes maintaining the health of the patient’s teeth and protecting their precious enamel from start to finish. Choosing the right orthodontic sealant helps safeguard your patients, and your practice’s profits too!

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  2. Data on file
» Walker ShaLyse

Peak Universal Bond: A Discussion on Adhesives and Sensitivity

Neil Jessop, Ultradent’s director of research and development, speaks about Peak Universal Bond, and how its unique formulation addresses the problem of sensitivity that so many clinicians frequently encounter with other adhesives. Check it out:

» Walker ShaLyse

Continuous Improvement with Shane Baller

“I take a lot of pride in coaching and mentoring people to ultimately take my position, because I hope I keep moving up, and I love to help them become what they want to be. I feel like my team is the strongest we’ve ever been right now. We have really good leaders,” says Shane Baller, Ultradent’s Manufacturing manager. “We’re making a big push in ‘continuous improvement,’ so we’re always trying to find ways to better ourselves, our department, and our processes in any way that we can.”

When it comes to continuous improvement, Shane leads by example. He just finished his MBA with an emphasis in IT management, and since starting at Ultradent five years ago in product development, he’s come a long way.

Shane now oversees about 200 employees, and has worked hard to be able to call each one by name. “We have about eight different manufacturing departments and each of those team leaders report to me, and I report to Jeremy Johnson. I try to spend a lot of my time out on the floor so that they see who I am and know that I care about them.”

That kind of caring, he says, has trickled down from Dr. Fischer. “Dr. Fischer always comes down, asks me how I’m doing, and shows a real concern for what he can do to help us. If he does it, and knows everyone’s names, then I can do it! I know that the reason we’re successful is because of him. It’s not really about the money. It’s about developing people and putting out our best products. That’s what it’s about for Dr. Fischer. I really look up to him.”

Managing the Manufacturing department isn’t without its obstacles, but Shane says that’s part of why he loves his job, and part of what sets Ultradent apart. “I love the diversity here. It’s part of what makes us so unique.  I learn so much about people every day. Even with the communication barriers, we work through them and we always somehow get through it. It’s a challenge, but we always find a way.”

Shane loves to travel both for work and with his family. “I was able to go back to Germany to help set up and train the people at the VALO repair center, and that was a lot of fun. I used to live in the city where the repair center is located and would walk by that very building every day. I never could have known that 20 years later I’d be back there for work!” He’ll also travel to China to train the employees at the VALO repair later on this month.

Aside from travel, Shane also enjoys playing soccer, and spending time with his wife, three sons, and young daughter.

Shane’s enthusiasm for “continuous improvement” has indeed, made Ultradent a better place. Thank you, Shane, for showing us how it’s done!

» Dan Fischer

My Most Rewarding Case

I love being a dentist for many reasons. One of those is having the ability, every day, to help take someone out of pain, help them gain more confidence through a more esthetic and beautiful smile, and/or help them maintain their oral health and wellbeing by giving them the highest quality dental care possible. However, I’ve learned over the years that, despite the number of cases I’ve performed producing positive results, it’s often the patient that gives back to you—teaching you something, and, in turn, changing your life for the better. That is the most satisfying aspect of the job.

Years ago, my wife Leenie and I were working late in my dental office, when an older gentleman that was not a prior patient called about an abscess tooth that was killing him! He had called dental office after dental office, but could not find anyone working at that hour. Lucky for him at that time (which later would prove also lucky for me) we answered the phone and got him right in that night—and he happened to like us. His name was Jim Cunningham.

Jim was a trained geologist, and had been a boxer in the military. He had a tooth way out of alignment because of that, but we didn’t want to lose it. So, on a subsequent visit, I ended up doing some orthodontics on him—at the age of 65! He also had some missing teeth from his boxing days, so I did some fancy bridgework on him, which was quite exotic at the time as dental implants did not yet exist. We basically reconstructed his entire mouth!

Through this process, Jim and I became great friends. I even learned early on that he had known my grandfather whom I had lost at a very young age. In fact, his wife had taken a spin with my late grandfather at the dance hall which was formerly Hotel Utah in their youth! What a delight it was to hear stories about him that otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to know.

Jim was a self-made man. He had several corporations that he built from the ground up, and had developed most of the neighborhoods/homes just north of the capitol in Salt Lake City. He became a fantastic mentor to me. I loved hanging out with him on Saturdays. He’d pick me up in his big Cadillac, and we’d drive around, sometimes to his ranch, and I’d pick his brain. Jim didn’t have a lot of fancy academic diplomas, but he had a lot of common sense, incredible logic, and I learned a lot from him. It was grand spending time with him! Our families became quite close, and he even gifted us some of his registered quarter horses. He was like the grandfather that I had lost as a kid!

I often look back and smile at some of the pearls of wisdom I imparted from him, and repeat some of the phrases he would often use—my favorite, being, “Use your head for something more than a hat rack!”

Jim is long gone, but his profound effect on me lasted much longer than the effect I had on him with my dental work. That’s why I would say he’s my most rewarding case to date.

» Walker ShaLyse

The Opalescence Go UltraFit Tray: A New Paradigm in Teeth Whitening

Opalescence Go contains the innovative, ready-made UltraFit™ tray, that adapts instantly and comfortably to the teeth, offering molar-to-molar coverage, and best of all, the convenient, prefilled trays contain Opalescence Whitening gel and can be worn right out of the package.

“A delivery unsurpassed, unique…a new paradigm, this takes the non-custom tray to a new level,” says Dr. Fischer about Ultradent’s innovative UltraFit™ tray found in the company’s newly introduced, professional, prefilled take-home whitening system, Opalescence Go. He continues, “It brings a fit and adaptation upon wearing it in the mouth for just a few minutes, that it virtually disappears. The material itself, created here at Ultradent, is an exquisitely adaptable material. It’s the opposite of elastic. It will take on the shape of a broad or a narrow arch. Wide or narrow dentition, it adapts, conforms, and even stretches, then stays in the new position. It even adapts to the interproximal areas. It is the ultimate of comfort.”

However, the process of finding and creating the UltraFit tray didn’t come easy, as the material needed to fulfill a long wish list of requirements. Neil Jessop, Ultradent’s director of Research and Development says, “We had to find the right material that was durable enough to survive shipping, but not so durable that it couldn’t flex without cracking. It also had to be a material that could stand up to the whitening gel. You can have a tray with just the right feel and structure, but once you put the bleach in, the peroxides react with the material and decompose or become nonfunctional too quickly. We had to experiment with flavors as well. There were many times we would try out a new flavor and it would crash the whole project. There were so many elements that went into the process.”

However, the arduous, six-year process of trial and error resulted in the inception of the groundbreaking UltraFit tray. Dr. Fischer says, “To the credit of Neil Jessop and Peter Allred, who lead the research and development team here at Ultradent, they were ultimately the ones that identified the right material, got their teams onboard, and perfected it before releasing Opalescence Go.”

Jessop adds, “The efforts from our chemical, engineering, and molding team were above and beyond to make the UltraFit tray come to life. It was truly a group effort.”

In 2013, as a result of the development of the UltraFit tray, Ultradent released this groundbreaking, prefilled and disposable take-home whitening system, Opalescence Go.

» Nicolas Sondaz

Race for a cause

Dear Friends/Colleagues,

Next Sunday 27th, I will race my first full ironman triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland. An ironman consists of a total of 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run – all on the same day.

For years I have practiced sport for the pure enjoyment of feeling good, pushing my limits and measuring myself to others. As I get older I realize that I always fought for my own ego. Today, I would like to take it to the next level and fight for others.

Cancer is still the #1 cause of death worlwide. 2 years ago I lost my brother Jean-Jacques from cancer. Last year my uncle Armand was taken away with the same symptoms. They both were very close to my heart and I realize that with better diagnosis and better drugs, i could still be enjoying a glass of wine with them today. I am sure that each one of you have experienced the loss of a family member, friend or colleague.

If you wish to support me even further, you can donate for the cure cancer foundation.

Here are the rules: My goal is to race the full distance in 11 hours. I would suggest that for every minute below that time, you donate 1$.
If you are very generous, you can also pay 1$ for every kilometer achieved .

Alternatively, there is no small contribution, 5$, 10$…

I will top up 1$ for every $ you donate.

Whatever the result, I promise to race not only with my legs but with my heart. So, who’s with me?

» Walker ShaLyse

Peak Universal Adhesive System

Check out this awesome infographic on our Peak Universal Adhesive System:

Peak SE Primer Ultra-Etch Peak Universal Bond
» Dan Fischer

My Favorite Product

My favorite Ultradent product hasn’t been invented yet. I’ve always said, “Driven by gorgeous change shall have no top; if it were not so, mediocrity would be our lot.”

As Ultradent strives to listen to the needs of those we serve, while we also listen to our marketplace, we look forward to continuing to work hard to provide the best-quality, minimally invasive products that will raise the bar in dentistry and improve oral health globally. However, if I had to choose my favorite Ultradent product(s), although it’s difficult, I would have to say that our tissue management line still takes the cake. It brings value to all dentists and to all restorations out there. It improves and increases the quality of dentistry more than any other line of products.

Within tissue management, Astringedent X can’t be beat, hands down. More acidic than regular ViscoStat or Astringedent, this is the product that stops the bleeding, no matter what the case.

When I was in dental school at Loma Linda University, I developed a passion for full-mouth reconstruction and quickly realized that when it comes to restorative dentistry, “making a good impression” is the most important aspect of the entire process—both for the patient and for the dentist. The number one reason that crowns fail at the margin is due to poor impressions. The most common reasons that these impressions fail is due to poor tissue management to start with. Over time, soft tissues will heal, but leaky, poor-fitting margins never heal. It’s up to us as clinicians to take responsibility and do whatever we have to do to take control of the quality of our adhesive dentistry and impression making. Hemostatics like Astringedent X and the other products in Ultradent’s tissue management line allow clinicians to deliver their impression material to the sulcus, subgingivally, in a controlled, predictable manner.