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Dr. Dan Fischer

We are driven to improve oral health globally through science, creativity and education.

We promise to provide progressive and trustworthy solutions to clinicians, enabling them to respect oral tissues and promote well-being to their patients. Our commitment to humanity is to continually pursue the discovery of cures for caries and gum disease.

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CE Event

Friday, August 5, 2011

Join us in Orange County!

Be a hero to your family and take them on a vacation in Orange County, one of the most family-friendly destinations in the USA. You can sneak away for our free, 8 CE credit seminar given by Dr. Dan Fischer, and gain the tax benefit of a business trip. This course addresses the needs of the entire dental team, and focuses on practical, useful information, such as revolutions in tooth bleaching and alternatives to the rubber dam in particular cases of direct esthetic restorations.

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» Dan Fischer

My Favorite Product

My favorite Ultradent product hasn’t been invented yet. I’ve always said, “Driven by gorgeous change shall have no top; if it were not so, mediocrity would be our lot.”

As Ultradent strives to listen to the needs of those we serve, while we also listen to our marketplace, we look forward to continuing to work hard to provide the best-quality, minimally invasive products that will raise the bar in dentistry and improve oral health globally. However, if I had to choose my favorite Ultradent product(s), although it’s difficult, I would have to say that our tissue management line still takes the cake. It brings value to all dentists and to all restorations out there. It improves and increases the quality of dentistry more than any other line of products.

Within tissue management, Astringedent X can’t be beat, hands down. More acidic than regular ViscoStat or Astringedent, this is the product that stops the bleeding, no matter what the case.

When I was in dental school at Loma Linda University, I developed a passion for full-mouth reconstruction and quickly realized that when it comes to restorative dentistry, “making a good impression” is the most important aspect of the entire process—both for the patient and for the dentist. The number one reason that crowns fail at the margin is due to poor impressions. The most common reasons that these impressions fail is due to poor tissue management to start with. Over time, soft tissues will heal, but leaky, poor-fitting margins never heal. It’s up to us as clinicians to take responsibility and do whatever we have to do to take control of the quality of our adhesive dentistry and impression making. Hemostatics like Astringedent X and the other products in Ultradent’s tissue management line allow clinicians to deliver their impression material to the sulcus, subgingivally, in a controlled, predictable manner.

» Walker ShaLyse

Happy Birthday, Opalescence!

This month, Opalescence® celebrates its 24th birthday as the world leader in professional tooth whitening. But, even from the beginning, Dr. Fischer said he always had a good feeling about its potential. “When we first discovered how much more effective and comfortable that sticky, viscous formulation could be, with comfort added by the soft, thin scalloped tray that didn’t lap on the gums, that was a paradigm. I was so excited.”

Before then, the bleaching agents on the market were runny liquids that often came in dropper bottle that you would put in a thick sports guard mouth piece. Patients would end up swallowing the gel, getting a sore throat, and after 40 minutes, were so uncomfortable they were about to pull their hair out. It wasn’t a comfortable process, and it would take 4–6 weeks to see a significant change.

In contrast, he recalls the first time he put Opalescence gel in his daughter Jaleena’s custom tray to wear overnight. She woke up to teeth that were seven shades whiter!1

Indeed, Opalescence made an instant impact. “Doctors from all over the country wanted to try it and we ended up having to convert the first building on this property, that was being used as a welding shop, into the Opalescence building. We bought a much larger mixer, remodeled the inside, and it became dedicated to Opalescence,” Dr. Fischer reminisced.

All of Opalescence’s whitening gels contain potassium nitrate and fluoride. Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.2–6

Most importantly, for the last 24 years, Opalescence has helped bring sparkle and confidence to smiles all around the world.

Happy Birthday, Opalescence!

1. According to the Opalescence shade guide.
2. Basting RT, Rodrigues AL Jr, Serra MC. The effects of seven carbamide peroxide bleaching agents on enamel microhardness over time. J Am Dent Assoc. 2003;134(10):1335-42.
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» Dan Fischer

Proud USA: People Serving People is What America is All About

With another 4th of July upon us, the day that we celebrate America’s independence, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on what makes America, “the land of the free,” different. Of the many things that make this fabulous country unique, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion, one thing stands out to me, and that is “the American dream.” Its ideals are rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which boldly proclaims that “all men are created equal,” and I believe that Ultradent is a product of this dream. It is this dream, along with hard work and people serving people, that makes businesses like Ultradent possible. That is something to celebrate! Happy 4th of July!

» Walker ShaLyse

The 3 V’s of PermaFlo DC

It’s hard to know where to begin when describing PermaFlo® DC, Ultradent’s highly filled, small-particle, dual-cured luting resin. Featuring the lowest film thickness known for any luting material (9µm), PermaFlo DC flows easily through a small-orifice tip, making luting simple and convenient, but it doesn’t end there. Let’s discuss the “Three V’s of PermaFlo DC.”


“I use PermaFlo DC from post to crown. It works every time, has great delivery, and consistently does its job,” say Dr. Linda Kronick of Norwich, CT, in regards to PermaFlo DC’s incredible versatility. Indeed, whether luting a crown, using it for post cementation, or for a core buildup, PermaFlo DC gets the job done, and it gets it done well.

However, PermaFlo DC’s versatility extends far beyond its status as a “go to” product used for a wide variety of dental procedures. Its compatibility with virtually any substrate takes its functionality to the next level.


In today’s market, value plays an important role in the buying process. Naturally, discerning clinicians seek out the highest-quality products at the lowest cost. For a dependable, proven, and high-quality luting resin, PermaFlo DC satisfies both demands—offering the clinician an overall value that is hard to ignore.

Very Strong

Yes, PermaFlo DC is very strong. Used with the Peak bonding system, with which it synergizes compatibly, PermaFlo DC stands as one of the strongest luting materials on the market. Whatever the procedure, PermaFlo DC has proven time and time again to both patient and clinician that failure is not an option.

» Walker ShaLyse

ExpertempTM: Polishing Optional!

The attitude towards temporaries has come a long way since their introduction to the dental industry many years ago. In fact, some dentists say that they used to purposely place less-than-esthetic temporaries on their patients to make sure that the patient would come back for the final restoration! Thank goodness times have changed. With a strong emphasis on esthetic, beautiful smiles, today’s patients want their temporaries to resemble the final result as closely as possible—fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the teeth in both color and luster, until the final restoration is placed. But do the esthetic temporaries that patients now demand create more work for the dentist? Not necessarily.

When Ultradent researched ExperTemp, they did it with both the patient’s demands and the doctor’s effort and time constraints in mind, creating a temporary crown and bridge material that eliminates the need for polishing. Since its introduction to the market, users have consistently commented on the product’s natural luster and ability to blend beautifully with the rest of the patient’s dentition immediately after placement, with no polishing required.

See the example below. The patient’s anterior temporary (#8) has been trimmed and seated by the clinician, with no polishing. Notice the smooth, natural surface of the temporary and how it blends beautifully with the rest of the patient’s dentate with very little effort.

However, ExperTemp also polishes beautifully, if desired. To take esthetics to the next level, simply polish the temporary and follow with a coat of PermaSeal® for a stunning result, seen below on the same anterior (#8) temporary. Its natural appearance makes for a nearly seamless transition from the temporary to the final restoration.

ExperTemp is a bis-acryl composite provisional material with a 10:1 self-cured chemistry. It features low oxygen inhibition at polymerization and fluoresces similarly to enamel. It can be repaired with a packable composite, flowable composite, or with additional ExperTemp material if needed. ExperTemp is available in A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and Bleach White shades for obtaining the closest match to surrounding dentition. Read “ExperTemp: The Reviews Are In” to learn more regarding ExperTemp’s other features and benefits, and read what clinicians are saying about how ExperTemp stands up to the competition.

» Dan Fischer

Creating Quality Long Lasting Dentistry is like Creating a Quality Long Lasting Marriage Part II

Good dentistry? Great Marriage? Find Out What They Have in Common.

As discussed in Part I of this piece, throughout both my forty-year marriage to my dear wife, Leenie, and my career in the dental industry, I’ve come across quite a few similarities between what it takes to create both a quality, long-lasting marriage and the principles that go into quality, long-lasting dentistry and procedures.
Here is Part II of the essentials that I believe apply to both:

5. Contaminants must be kept out:

• Marriages are killed out of the gate or don’t last long if ugly contaminants exist. Baggage from a former marriage, a challenging childhood, or drug/alcohol abuse have the potential to severely damage a marriage relationship.
• Anything contaminate, including blood and/or saliva, that comes between the adhesive and the conditioned mineral mother dentin prevents what could have otherwise been a long-lasting, high-quality bond.

6. Occasionally there can be value when one party is in a greatly weakened condition and the other compensates by being very strong:

• This can sometimes be the case with long-term illness or handicaps during a marriage.
• In dentistry, and often in older patients, the tooth can be so weakened that it needs a full crown—gold or zirconia. Zirconia appears to be the way of the future!

7. There must be the option for reparability:

• When problems (outside of catastrophic ones) occur in a marriage, are the partners’ individual characters/capabilities such that will facilitate the repairing or saving of the marriage? Furthermore, can such a relationship be renewed or made better? Resilience in marriage is a big deal, as couples are bound to encounter some trials and trauma throughout life.
• Reparability becomes a very important contributor to the overall concept of “minimally invasive dentistry.” I often say, as a general rule, that the more you cut the tooth, the more you weaken the tooth. The more of the tooth you cut and the more times you cut it, the sooner you kill it. Trauma to the tooth is additive.

8. There must be effort made to keep things interesting:

• A marriage is kept vital and endearing, versus enduring, by keeping it interesting. A new hairstyle, a vacation, or quality time spent alone are all invaluable to a marriage.
• Complacency, like in a relationship, can put oral health at risk. Yearly and bi-yearly checkups, a quality diet, reinforcing fluoride, and daily hygiene are important to oral health. Furthermore, caring for the smile, in terms of whitening and other esthetic procedures, often causes the patient to pay more attention to the value of their teeth.

9. In passing: All too often, there is an inverse relationship between the amount of money spent for the wedding, and the quality and length of duration of the marriage!

• Similarly, there is often an inverse relationship between the amount of money spent on a dental restoration and the actual quality and lasting ability of such a restoration.

» Walker ShaLyse

Bonnie Chatwin: Making a Difference for 26 Years

“I can honestly say that because of my job here at Ultradent, I have friends all over the world,” says Bonnie Chatwin, Ultradent’s international sales assistant who oversees all of Europe, Russia, Israel, and Canada. Bonnie plans to retire later this year after an incredible 26-year career.

Ultradent counted Bonnie Chatwin as its 45th hire in February of 1988 when she came on part-time to help with some extra office work and filing. As her role grew, she began working in the international department about six months later and has been there ever since. She says she appreciates the opportunity she’s had to really make the role her own. “I’m so grateful that I’ve been allowed to grow into my job, and that the company has given me the trust to make decisions in that role, and to flourish in what I’m doing,” she says.

Today, Ultradent employs over 1,100 people, and Bonnie attributes the company’s growth to the quality of our products. “We simply have products that dentists can’t get anywhere else. They’re basically the best. I can’t tell you how many dentists used to come up to me when I was still doing trade shows and say ‘Do you have any idea how great these products are? I couldn’t live without them!’”

As for her job, Bonnie cherishes the relationships she’s been able to cultivate with the people she’s worked with over the years. “In fact, just yesterday,” she remembers with a smile, “our distributor in Sweden called and said, ‘I’m going to need your personal phone number, address, and personal email because I would like to keep in touch after you retire!’” She continues, “Our distributor in Switzerland always emails me photos of their crazy weather, or her cute new shoes, or of the fabulous airshow they had there this morning. It’s those personal experiences I will miss.”

In addition to the friendships, Bonnie’s absolute favorite thing about her job, she says, “is being able to make a difference for these international distributors on a daily basis. They’ll often email me, saying they need something right away. I love when I’m able to get it in the mail to them that same day. There’s a satisfaction in knowing I make a difference that I really enjoy.”

As for Dr. Fischer, Bonnie says, “he hasn’t just been my boss, he’s been my friend—in fact—I consider him family. My husband also worked here for ten years—and we’ve always considered each other family more than anything.”

Looking back, the years hold many fond memories, but also a lot of funny ones too. “Erwin used to be a HUGE practical joker. When I first started, he put some kind of screen saver on my computer that made it look like the letters were falling into a huge pile at the bottom of the screen. At the time, I knew very little about computers, so it scared me half to death!” she laughs. “He was a huge practical joker—always putting rubber mice under people’s desks or silly stringing the new guy’s cubicle.”

As for the future, Bonnie looks forward to spending a lot of time out on the lake with her seven grandchildren and to scrapbooking years of photos and memories in a workspace her husband is building for her. “I’ve been so busy here for the last 26 years, it will be good to tackle some new projects and catch up with my family; although, I’m sure I’ll miss it. I know I’ll miss Ultradent.”

» Walker ShaLyse

Whitening Myth Busters: Light Required?

Today, there are so many teeth whitening options available on the market—from over-the-counter treatments found at grocery or high-end beauty stores, to take-home products available through your dentist, to actual in-office whitening procedures. One such teeth whitening method that has gained popularity over the past decade involves using a high-powered light, either in the dental office or with an over-the-counter kit, to, what these systems claim, accelerate and even enhance the tooth bleaching process and final results. But is the light necessary? Will whitening with a system that uses a light product lead to a whiter result? What does the light in these systems actually do? This installment of “Whitening Myth Busters” hopes to answer those questions and “shine a light” on the myths and facts behind light-based teeth whitening systems once and for all.

As previously mentioned, many of the light-accelerated teeth whitening systems, available both in a professional dental office setting and through some over-the-counter products, claim to speed up the bleaching process and produce a whiter, more dramatic final result. As popularity for these systems has risen, research varies on the effectiveness of light-accelerated bleaching. While patients receiving a light-based teeth whitening treatment may temporarily see a whiter tooth color than those only treated with a peroxide system (no light), it is only because of the light’s dehydrating effect on the teeth. One of the problems with light-based whitening is that patients can experience increased sensitivity due to heat and dehydration of the teeth caused by the light, and as their teeth naturally begin rehydrating post-treatment, the patient may experience significant shade rebound from their immediate post-treatment result.

To avoid extreme or unnecessary sensitivity, and to achieve a satisfactory final whitening result, stick to a professional whitening system dispensed through a dentist. Ultradent’s Opalescence teeth whitening systems offers several at-home or in-office whitening options—all of which contain potassium nitrate and fluoride, or “PF,” that has been shown to reduce sensitivity and even strengthen the enamel of the teeth. This makes the entire process more comfortable, enjoyable, and healthier for your smile. Opalescence offers an in-office, chairside treatment, Opalescence Boost, that is chemically activated without the use of a light, and produces an immediately whiter, sparkling smile in just 40-minutes. Last, instead of dehydrating the teeth, Opalescence whitening systems contain a higher water content than many competitors to aid in keeping the tooth hydrated and reducing sensitivity.

In-Office, Chairside Whitening Treatment

Stay tuned for more Whitening Myth Busters in future posts, and don’t fall for the many myths and misconceptions there are out there about the best and healthiest ways to whiten your smile!

» Dan Fischer

Whirlwind Through Europe

I just got back from a fabulous European lecture tour, where I received a warm welcome from long-time friends and colleagues, and had the opportunity to meet, interact with, and lecture to many other consummate dental professionals throughout the trip.

Monday, May 12th – Germany

The first stop, Cologne, Germany, where I spent the day meeting with our wonderful Ultradent team, as well as the people at TÜV Nord in Essen. TÜV Nord is our selected institute for medical devices.

Tuesday, May 13th – Belgium

We started the day off at the University of Leuven in Belgium with an exciting meeting with a group of 21 professors discussing endodontics. Later that evening at the university, an even larger group of dentists from Brussels graced us with their presence for my first lecture of the tour. We had an incredibly lively, interactive, and fruitful discussion. I’m grateful so many clinicians took time out of their busy schedules in the middle of the week to attend. It served as a great start to the lecture series, and it felt wonderful to be in Belgium again!

Lecturing in Belgium

Wednesday, May 14th – The Netherlands

Upon my arrival in Amsterdam, I was treated to a tour of the beautiful ACTA University, which served as the venue for my next lecture. We had a lovely turn out of about 100 Dutch dentists and a number of our distributors within the Netherlands as well. We discussed Astringedent X, Peak Universal Bond, UltraCem, and Ultradent’s minimally invasive, patient-centered approach to modern dentistry and business—to which I received enthusiastic and warm feedback. A great day!


Thursday May 15th – Germany

Back in Germany again, we travelled to the University of Heidelberg, where I met with Professor Staehle and his team to discuss his recently published article on interproximal direct composite restorations, which proved both profound and inspiring, as we found much common ground in our thinking and philosophy toward dentistry. I hope this will be the beginning of continued sharing and exchange of ideas.

Professor Staehle

Friday May 16th – Austria

Another busy, full day, beginning with a lecture in Vienna at the Vienna International Dental Show, in conjunction with Dr. Stephan Höfer and his wonderful translator. It was exciting to see the Ultradent booth abuzz post-lecture, as many of the participating dentists seemed to catch the vision of Ultradent. Very exciting! I’d like to say a big thank you to all who attended and to Dr. Höfer and his translator who helped make the event a great success.

Vienna, Austria

Saturday May 17th – Germany

Once more back in Germany, we travelled to Münster, where I lectured to a group of dentists that included many familiar faces, and to several young dentists whom I’ve never met nor had they attended any of my previous lectures. We had a fabulous question-and-answer discussion, shared several laughs, and Dr. Höfer added a healthy dose of his experience and charm.


I would like to thank Joachim and his team in Germany for another wonderful European tour. It proved a delight, both professionally and personally.



» Nicolas Sondaz

Involve me and I will understand: the power of Education.

Ultradent Products, Inc. welcomed participants from the region including Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand to join in their successful certification program. The bronze level training program was hosted this year in the tropical city of Cebu, Philippines. The program included 3 full days of hard work with theoretical lectures but principally hands-on session in Whitening, Restorative, Tissue Management, Curing Light.

Learning about the product is important, but understanding how to sell is even better! There couldn’t have been better sales mentor than Steve Gerber and Trevor Oldroyd to accomplish this mission.
During the training, each participant was rewarded with lots of sweets – yes, we also need them to visit their dentist from time to time :) – and some “Fischer bucks” which they could use at the end of the training to purchase shirts, goodies, whitening and hygiene kit.

Some fun dinners lit up the evenings and each guest could enjoy some local delights: Durian, halo halo ice cream, roasted chicken, mango…and some unbelievably chilled San Miguel light; I was personally amazed by the hospitality of the Philipinos at each place we went to: the word “No” doesn’t exist in tagalog!

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand is the strength and success of these trainings. This year was a smart batch of participants as they all passed the 50 questions quiz… almost without a sweat!

Now Folks, we can wait to have you back for the 2015 Silver graduation program!