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Dr. Dan Fischer

We are driven to improve oral health globally through science, creativity and education.

We promise to provide progressive and trustworthy solutions to clinicians, enabling them to respect oral tissues and promote well-being to their patients. Our commitment to humanity is to continually pursue the discovery of cures for caries and gum disease.

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Mastering Retraction Cord Placement

The most common challenges in getting a quality impression are adequate tissue retraction and sufficient moisture control. Dr. Dan Fischer, president and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc. often says, “There is nothing one can do well, in a quality sense, when it comes to operative dentistry in the presence of bleeding.”

Along with Ultradent’s world-renowned tissue management products, Ultradent’s retraction cord, Ultrapak® (also the world’s first knitted packing cord), helps to enhance tissue management techniques by delivering the ferric sulfate solutions subgingivally for optimum sulcular fluid control. The Ultrapak® cord is made of 100% cotton, knitted into thousands of tiny loops to form long, interlocking chains. This unique knitted design exerts a gentle continuous outward force following placement, as the knitted loops seek to open. Ideal tissue displacement occurs within one to three minutes after cord placement. Packing cord placement technique also plays an important role in achieving quality, predictable tissue management. Here are a few important steps to follow to achieve adequate tissue retraction every time:

Pre-Preparation Packing Technique

Pre-Preparation Packing Technique

Double Cord Technique

Double Cord Technique

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The Uveneer Composite Veneer Template System

With Ultradent’s recent announcement that the company acquired global distribution rights* to Uveneer™, the world’s first and only composite veneer template system available in the dental market today, we sat down with Dr. Sigal Jacobson, Uveneer’s founder and creator, to discuss the product, its uses, and Uveneer’s recent partnership with Ultradent.

The Uveneer direct composite veneer template system effectively and predictably minimizes the need for carving and polishing, making anterior restoration, mock-ups, and even porcelain veneer temporaries easy, predictable, and beautiful in just one visit. Each template is designed to mimic ideal tooth anatomy according to the rules of smile design and the “golden proportion,” incorporating ideal height to width ratio, contour, embrasure, and center midline. Due to this precise anatomical contour, the final result yields different thicknesses of composite (less toward the incisal third and gingival areas and greater in the middle of the facial surface). This varied thickness of material creates different effects and values, and as a result, only one shade of composite is needed in many cases to get a natural gradient effect. Each template is numbered corresponding with tooth number, tooth size, and upper and lower arch, and the translucent templates are designed to allow light to transfer from the curing light through to the composite. Uveneer shuts off the composite oxygen inhibited layer during the curing process, thus leaving a finished glossy and contoured surface. The templates are autoclavable and reusable, making the Uveneer system a cost-effective choice for any dental practice.

Of teaming up with Ultradent, Dr. Sigal Jacobsen says, “Before creating Uveneer, I had used Ultradent products for many years in my practice, and their philosophy on minimally invasive dentistry always resonated with me. I created Uveneer with that exact philosophy in mind, so the fit is perfect.”

Dr. Sigal Jacobson

The response from clinicians, she continues, has been extraordinary. “I always hear, ‘How come I didn’t think of this?’ and ‘I can’t believe there’s never been anything like this on the market before!’ The positive reaction has also come very quickly, with many clinicians saying ‘I can see how easily I will be able to incorporate using the Uveneer system into my practice immediately.’”

On that note, Dr. Jacobson adds, “It’s grown faster than I expected. It’s very, very exciting. I’m amazed at how many dentists need this. I believe it’s something every single clinician needs in their office today.”

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Much More Than Just Logistics with Gary Gillette

“People who have worked here and then go somewhere else oftentimes notice a stark difference in the culture that perhaps they took for granted before leaving.”

It’s a lesson Ultradent’s global director of materials management, Gary Gillette, says he feels fortunate to never have had to learn the hard way. That’s because he noticed the positive difference that working at Ultradent made in his life right from the beginning. “Our core values (integrity, care, quality, innovation, and hard work) are one of the major things that drew me to Ultradent initially. In previous jobs, I never had that culture, but the culture here fits my leadership style so it was the perfect match,” he says.

Starting in 2000 as a manufacturing lead on the swing shift, Gary quickly proved himself a leader—earning a promotion to manufacturing manager on the day shift just two years after his first day at Ultradent. After six years in that role, his job expanded to include managing warehousing, manufacturing, shipping, formulations, maintenance, and quality. “It was a very busy time, and it inspired a lot of growth in me as a person,” he remembers.

Today, Gary travels to Ultradent offices and subsidiaries around the globe, helping them with their processes and logistics. In 2015, he’s already stamped visits to Japan, China, Germany, and Brazil on his passport. “It’s a ton of fun. I love it. We’ve expanded so much internationally over the last few years, and it just keeps getting bigger.”

Seeing as he’s an expert in efficiency, logistics, and processes, it’s no surprise that Gary has brought numerous positive, significant changes to the company during his time here. In fact, Gary was the first person to suggest putting a print shop in-house. “The addition of the print shop is something that I had in my mind for years and years, so to see it finally come to fruition is just awesome. It’s been quite successful and convenient for the company to print almost all of their materials right here, so I’m really happy about that,” he says with a humble smile.

In addition to the print shop, Gary also recently headed up numerous changes and expansions to the shipping department—something he says may have “given him most of his gray hair,” (in his own words), but that in the end, proved worth it. “At Ultradent, it’s incredible how quickly we can get something done once we’ve set our mind to it. The team work is amazing.”

And even though his job entails extensive travel and variance in his every day job, Gary says that he sees no shortage of Dr. Fischer. “You won’t see at many organizations—the big guy at the top, walking around the building, making himself so accessible and so friendly.” He adds, “Dr. Fischer is a unique a person in that the care that goes into what he does is remarkable.”

Gary has been married to his wife for 29 years, and together, they have two boys—23 and 24-years old. He also loves the outdoors—including hunting, fishing, camping, and UTV riding.

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry “Changed My Professional Life”

“Dr. Fischer’s philosophy saved me from depression and discouragement in my field and reaffirmed that minimally invasive dentistry, which I felt was the best way to practice, was in fact the right way to practice,” says Dr. Gary Halko, a general practitioner from Georgetown, Texas. “I now feel encouraged, happy, and content with what I do, and I see a lot of wonderful successes. As Dr. Fischer would say—practicing minimally invasive dentistry, keeping people comfortable with their teeth and the appearance of their teeth, is very rewarding. Rebuilding people’s smiles brings me great satisfaction. It seems to me that I’ve been able to do almost anything composite now. I just love it.”

Dr. Halko first discovered Dr. Fischer and the “minimally invasive approach” through a magazine article in 2003. He says that upon reading the article, he was so impressed by Dr. Fischer’s philosophy behind dentistry that he decided to reached out to him. “I wrote him a note on how excited I was about discovering him, Ultradent, and his philosophy of dentistry, and told him that I hoped to attend a seminar. Right away, he responded with an invitation to attend his next Ultradent Summit in Salt Lake City. I called his receptionist at the time and said, ‘With the information I got with the invitation, obviously these are highly important practitioners from all the over world and I just have a little country practice where I see one patient at a time. I think Dr. Fischer must have a mistaken understanding of who I am.’” His receptionist then said, “Well, you might be surprised. Let me go talk to him.” She then came back and said, “No, he knows who you are and he hopes you’ll accept his invitation.”

Dr. Halko continues, “That invitation really surprised and blessed me, but I learned later on that that’s the kind of man he is. He’s a humanitarian, he’s very generous, loving, kind, and a wonderful example of humanity. I truly appreciate what he’s done for dentistry through Ultradent.”

Dr. Halko has attended two additional lectures over the years—one in Austin, Texas, and the other, more recent event, last month in Waco. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one, and even though I’m very familiar with Ultradent and its products, I learned a significant amount—even at this last seminar—that has helped me improve. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of Ultradent’s products.”

He goes on to say, “I told Dr. Fischer that the 2003 seminar had really changed my professional life. It gave me the courage to do what is right for my patients and it armed me with the scientific information to back up what I believed. I’m convinced now that with the minimally invasive approach, I’m doing what’s very best for my patients.” He also adds, “I feel so thrilled to have had success with Dr. Fischer’s precise technical approach, his products, and his consistency—and I feel like I’ve been successful doing reconstruction and restorative work to teeth that without discovering the philosophy, I wouldn’t have been able to perform.“

Dr. Halko cites Ultradent’s tissue management products as some of his favorite, and as the foundation for success with other products. “I love Viscostat® and Viscostat® Clear, Astringedent®, and the Metal Dento-Infusor® tip. When you master tissue management, it allows you to really segue into using other products like Peak® Universal Bond. I also love Amelogen® Plus and Vit-l-escence®.”

He concludes, “I’m lucky to feel that with my profession, I’ve been able to make a lot people happy, and to bless their lives.”

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The Story Behind Ultradent’s Core Values

Integrity. Care. Quality. Innovation. Hard work. These are the Core Values that Ultradent proudly stands for. But of the many wonderful and virtuous ideals a person or company can strive to emulate, why were these particular values chosen? How was the decision to choose these Core Value” made in the first place?

In response to this question, Dr. Dan Fischer, president and CEO of Ultradent Products Inc. replies, “If you don’t have a common language, you can’t communicate. Yes, Ultradent always had our vision of ‘Improving Oral Health, Globally’, albeit not yet formalized. I mean, I remember clear back to the beginnings of the company when I was trying to get FDA approval for Ultradent’s very first product, and my argument was always that Astringedent® improves oral health. It makes dentistry better! It provides greater longevity to the restoration and makes possible a superior fitting restoration.”

However, around 16 years ago, Dr. Fischer said that beyond Ultradent’s initial vision to improve oral health globally, the company needed to determine more specific and concrete values that it would stand for.

So, Dr. Fischer says, it began with a committee of approximately 30 employees from various departments who represented a wide variety of job titles within the company—some appointed, and some volunteers—that gathered on a weekly bases to brainstorm and ultimately decide what values best capture not only what Ultradent stands for, but the values that would best help us fulfill our overall mission to improve oral health, globally.

Dr. Fischer says, “I remember walking into one of the brainstorming sessions and there was whiteboard after whiteboard filled with various values, and I remember saying, ‘Guys, we’ve got to whittle this down.’ So, the next time I came back they had narrowed it to maybe 50, then 30, and finally, altogether, we decided on the five core values that best represent what our company is about. We felt that five Core Values were enough to really cover what we believed in, but still short enough that it would be easy for people to remember them.”

He adds, “We ultimately decided on integrity, care, quality, innovation, and hard work because we felt they identified who we were. We, as in Ultradent.”
Here’s a deeper look into Ultradent Core Values, and what they mean:

• Honest
• Courageous
• Responsible

• Emphasis on “Human Care,” including health, differences, diversity, compassion, relationships, and life balance.

• Products
• Work environment with happiness, care, and respect to both internal and external customers

• Creative
• Flexible
• Savvy
• Abhorrence of cynicism

Hard Work:
• Persistence with knowledge and passion for known goals
• Brain “sweat” and muscle “sweat” are both golden
• “It’s not my job” doesn’t exist

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20 Reasons to Love Opalescence Part 4/4

To wrap up our four-part series, “20 Reasons to Love Opalescence,” let’s discuss some of the other reasons that people around the world love Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems.

16. Opalescence Offers Quality You Can Trust
The Opalescence and Ultradent names have long been globally synonymous with quality. Our in-house research and development team strives for continuous improvement in all of our products, from manufacturing to quality control. From conception to packaging, right to the dentist’s office—excellence directs the process, start to finish. Ultradent has reached and maintained quality standards restricted to the world’s best companies, such as ISO 9001 and IDO 13485 qualifications, ensuring that all products meet and exceed both clinicians’ and patients’ expectations.

17. Opalescence is Always Administered by Knowledgeable and Trained Dental Professionals
Dental offices that carry Opalescence are always trained in not only the whitening process, but in the features and benefits of each system, equipping them to offer the best guidance and advice for individual patients. This means that patients can trust their dental office to help personalize their whitening journey as well as make any changes needed from beginning to end.

18. Opalescence is Certified in Countries with the Most Rigorous Regulatory Standards
From North to South, East to West, Opalescence is approved and certified by some of the strictest regulatory bodies on the planet. Ultradent and Opalescence have proudly pioneered government and dental certification of our products with CE (for the EU), as well as the FDA (USA), CSA (Canada), TGA (Australia), PMDA (Japan), SFDA (China), and KFDA (Korea). We have maintained an outstanding presence in these leading markets for decades, while many other competitors have yet to obtain the necessary certification and approval for distribution of their whitening products.

19. Opalescence is Committed to Countries Which Sells Their Whitening Products
Since its introduction 24 years ago, Ultradent has remained committed to helping countries around the world provide and donate dental products to humanitarian causes at home and abroad. Ultradent and Opalescence proudly sponsor the Crown Council’s “Smiles for Life” campaign, donating free whitening across the company to less fortunate patients in order to give everyone the opportunity to be proud of their smile, no matter their economic status. To learn more about how Ultradent contributes to humanitarian causes throughout the world, click here and here.

20. Opalescence is the World Leader in Whitening
Opalescence has inspired many other companies to follow in our footsteps, but none have surpassed the quality and reputation we have built with clinicians and patients. Since 1991, Ultradent has given dentists in more than 130 countries the highest quality and innovation when it comes to whitening products.
It’s truly been a pleasure to serve what we consider the best dentists and patients around the world, continuing to provide them with the whitest, brightest smiles out there.

» Dan Fischer

At the End of the Day, We’re All the Same

For the past ten years, the people of Ultradent have come together in tremendous and caring ways to raise food and money for not only the Utah Food Bank, but to help support many important and pressing causes all around the world. Most recently, half of the funds raised during our annual food drive went to help our brothers and sisters in Nepal, whose lives and homes were ravaged and devastated by a massive earthquake in the region, which killed and injured many. Additionally, throughout the year, Ultradent supports numerous humanitarian causes and missions at home and abroad by donating funds, dental supplies, and the like to organizations seeking to help improve the quality of life of others—be it through dental care or other important and worthy means.

I’m often asked if my extensive international travel is part of the reason Ultradent participates in humanitarian work. Ultimately, my answer is no. I do not believe one must have traveled abroad or have even have traveled at all to possess humanitarian values. Having grown up FLDS (before leaving the church in 1995), I often felt different, having been a minority in my community. Having had that experience really put a special feeling in my heart and gave me some insight and compassion for those who perhaps aren’t the most popular or who are often perceived as weird, strange, or who are even simply overlooked.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to travel to any other part of the world to know what it feels like to be human. We bleed the same, our hearts are the same. Yes, our cultures and backgrounds are different, but every parent suffers when a child is lost. Every child suffers when a parent is lost. We all hurt, we all cry, and we all laugh—for very common reasons.

We could go on forever identifying the differences in our cultures, but ultimately we have so much more in common than we have different. Evidence of that can even be seen in some of our common body language. A smile is universal, laughter is universal, and a frown is universal. There’s more in common than there is different. Tragically, we tend to focus on our differences and push our universal similarities aside. However, I often share that if we would spend more of our time identifying those things that we have in common, the balance sheet would be quite encouraging.

I believe in helping others in any way we can. I believe in finding and celebrating our commonalities, and I believe in standing up for and fighting for lives—no matter where they live. This is the most important quality a human can possess—to cherish, respect, and fight for human life. As the wonder Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter.”

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The Many Uses of OraSeal®

Moisture. It’s the constant battle of dentists everywhere as they fight, on a daily basis, to perform quality, precise work that offers longevity to the patient. This can only be done in the presence of zero to very little moisture, thus, clinicians are constantly looking for effective ways to block and/or slow its flow while they work. One of the “old reliables” dentists turn to time after time remains the rubber dam—a standard, yet polarizing tool that been in most dentist’s bag of tools since its advent by Sanford C. Barnum in 1964.

The many advantages the rubber dam has brought to modern dentistry can arguably far outweigh its disadvantages, but Dr. Dan Fischer, president and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., says, “It has its limits.” And when the rubber dam has reached these limits, Dr. Fischer points toward another reliable product that is always there to “fill in the gaps,” so to speak. That product is OraSeal.

For example, he says, “When working with bridges, sometimes we have to isolate an abutment during an endodontic procedure. The rubber dam doesn’t quite fit over the pontic, thereby producing a leak. When using a rubber dam on single teeth, you don’t always get a perfect seal on the gingival cuff. This is especially true with elongated teeth above the bifurcation, etc. In addition, we get small holes and tears in the rubber dam. In such situations, I use OraSeal.”

OraSeal is a cellulose-based material that is available in both flowable (caulk) and firmer (putty) consistencies that is applied via syringe. Its greatest advantage is that it effectively adheres to wet rubber dams, wet gingival and mucosal tissues, wet teeth, metals, etc.—even under water or in saliva! This allows for reparation of the rubber dam when small perforations occur, or to achieve a tight seal on the gingival cuff before placing a rubber dam. OraSeal can also be used for isolation purposes even without the presence of a rubber dam. For instance, OraSeal can be used for isolation when bonding orthodontic brackets. Additionally, placing a thin line of OraSeal on the gingival border is often all that is necessary to prevent saliva from creeping in on an area that must be cemented. OraSeal putty is best suited for block-out procedures. When taking impressions around bars or clips, one can close the open spaces between the gingiva and the attachments easily with OraSeal.

Dr. Fischer adds, “Sometimes intraoral prosthetic devices need to be cold cure-bonded to secondary attachments, or provisional work needs to be produced intraorally. In such cases, I fill in the undercuts and open spaces to keep out the resin. After applying OraSeal, it’s easy to manipulate. I personally use a moist (gloved) finger, a wet swab or a modelling instrument. Removal is also very easy. You shouldn’t vacuum up large quantities of OraSeal. It’s easier to remove the larger pieces using a cotton pellet. The residue can then be removed easily with a brush or a three-way syringe and suction. In using OraSeal on a regular basis in my practice, it has become indispensable. I’m always finding new places to use it. There are many situations during a treatment which call for isolation and protection—and not just against moisture. We need to protect and isolate against other agents and procedures.”

Indeed, the uses for OraSeal go far and beyond what one might first imagine for a dental caulking putty—and although it may be simple, its importance to every day practice has proven essential to dentists the world over. To learn more about OraSeal, please call 800.552.5512, or visit ultradent.com.

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Caries Indicators: Absolutely Necessary?

“There was a time, maybe 15–18 years into my practice as a dentist that in regards to using a caries indicator, I thought, ‘I think I’m a reasonably good dentist. Shoot, if I can’t identify caries then something is wrong with me!’” says Dr. Fischer, president and CEO of UItradent Products, Inc. “Finally, I decided to give one of the caries indicators that were on the market at the time a try and quickly discovered that something was wrong with me!” he laughs.

“At the end of the day, you cannot bond that which you cannot etch—be it self-etch or phosphoric—hence, you must be adjacent to mineral mother dentin,” says Dr. Fischer in regards to using a caries indicator. He continues, “I don’t believe any dentist in the world can always tell whether or not they’re adjacent to mineral mother dentin. That’s where a caries indicator comes in—to fill in the gap. A caries indicator should more appropriately be called a mineral indicator so that the clinician knows where to bond.”

Ultradent’s caries indicators, Sable™ Seek® and Seek® identify, as Dr. Fischer mentioned above, demineralized dentin in difficult-to-see places—for example, under the overhanging enamel of Class I, II, or III preparations, or along the DE junction of the preparation. Green Sable Seek helps to prevent over-excavating deep caries, which can lead to pulp exposure. Non-mineral dentin should be removed to improve the bond strength of the entire restoration. Red Seek is easily visible on dark dentin and provides a fast, effective way to locate calcified root canal orifices.

To use a caries indicator properly, follow the below steps:

“Yes, I believe all clinicians should be using a good caries indicator because ultimately, it’s a way of assuring that you are doing all that you can to give the best care to your patient—the same type of care you’d want to give your spouse or your child,” Dr. Fischer concludes.
To learn more about Ultradent Seek and Sable Seek Caries Indicators, please call 800.552.5512, or visit ultradent.com.

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Happy 25th Birthday, Opalescence PF!

Opalescence® celebrates a very exciting anniversary in this month—25 years since Opalescence® PF, Ultradent’s premier whitening line, first burst onto the market. Of the brand’s sensational growth both nationally and internationally over the last 25 years, Dr. Fischer, president and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., says frankly, “It’s beyond what I could have imagined.”

Peter Allred, Ultradent’s Technology Director over Formulations, came to work at Ultradent in 1991, just one year after the advent of Opalescence PF. He’s quick to attribute not only Opalescence’s growth, but the huge international whitening “craze” largely in part to Dr. Fischer. “Dr. Fischer is the originator of contemporary whitening as we know it—which has now gained worldwide acceptance. He is the person responsible for bringing it to the masses. Prior to sticky-viscous whitening products like Opalescence PF gel, yes, there was whitening, but it wasn’t convenient. It was liquid that came in horrible tray systems—and the product would run down the patient’s throat—it was just awful.”

Dr. Fischer’s motivation to find a whitening gel viscous enough to stay on the teeth came from a source closer than most would guess—his own 14-year-old daughter, Jaleena. At the time, she continually came to her dad, day after day, with the same plea—“Dad, what can we do to make my teeth whiter? How close are you to finding something that can make my teeth whiter?”

After months in the lab, Dr. Fischer finally perfected the first take-home gel of what has now become the foundation for the complete line of Opalescence tooth whitening products. He didn’t rest until the gel had the sticky, viscous composition he wanted—the perfect composition for keeping the gel in place.

To celebrate this accomplishment, he brought it home to his first eager customer, Jaleena. That night, she slept with the new Opalescence PF gel in her custom trays and in the morning, woke up to a sparkling smile that had gone from an A3 shade to an A1!

Dr. Fischer & his daughter, Dr. Jaleena Jessop, today.

That was 25 years ago this July. Since then, Opalescence has become the global leader in whitening, boasting a menu that includes Opalescence® Boost, Ultradent’s 40% hydrogen peroxide in-office whitening treatment; Opalescence PF, an extensive line of take-home whitening gels that come in a variety of concentrations and flavors; and Opalescence Go®, Ultradent’s ready-to-go, prefilled whitening treatment that comes in a tray that automatically molds to your mouth. Within these categories, Ultradent offers a variety of products and prices to fit every individual’s lifestyle.

Ultimately, Dr. Fischer says that the immense growth of Opalescence has not only been surprising and beyond his wildest dreams, but it’s also been an incredibly satisfying journey. Since the morning when he first witnessed the wonder in his daughter’s eyes as she saw how quickly, painlessly, and easily she could whiten her teeth—so has been the case with thousands of other happy patients throughout the world. This rings true in a saying Dr. Fischer can often be heard quoting by Winston Churchill that goes, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Happy birthday, Opalescence!