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We are driven to improve oral health globally through science, creativity and education.

We promise to provide progressive and trustworthy solutions to clinicians, enabling them to respect oral tissues and promote well-being to their patients. Our commitment to humanity is to continually pursue the discovery of cures for caries and gum disease.

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Raising the Bar for Endodontic Instrumentation

Raising the Bar for Endodontic Instrumentation

Doctors usually have to make a choice during endodontic procedures: do they want the safety of reciprocation, or do they want the efficient debris removal provided by rotary movement? With the Genius endodontic motor and file system, they don’t have to choose.

The Genius endodontic system is the first of its kind. The motor and uniquely designed files are compatible with both asymmetric reciprocation and rotary, allowing doctors to switch between the two movements with the touch of a button.

Dr. Carlos Ramos, manager of the endodontic segment of Ultradent’s Research and Development team, first developed the concept behind the Genius endodontic system when he was working as an endodontic specialist in his private practice and as a professor at State University of Londrina in Brazil. He brought his ideas with him when he joined Ultradent, where the potential for this groundbreaking tool was immediately recognized. In January of 2013, development of the Genius endodontic system officially began.

The development of the Genius system was a labor of love that took nearly three years to complete. There were two unique components of the Genius system that needed to be developed and refined: the motor and the files. Although motors capable of rotary movement or reciprocation have been available to dentists for a while, the Research and Development team had to find a way to combine those two capabilities into one intuitive machine. Then, the team needed to design unique files that were compatible with both reciprocation and rotary movement, so doctors could move from one motion to the other without the need to exchange files.

Tami Anderson, brand manager over endodontics for Ultradent, said that the design of the files was essential to the success of the system. “The key was creating files that didn’t just work, but were specifically made to pair with the Genius motor.”

After a long, careful process of research, development, creation, and refinement, the Genius endodontic system was officially released to Ultradent customers in September 2015.

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In the Driver’s Seat with John Hofeling

“I have the best job in the company—nobody knows that,” says John Hofeling, Ultradent’s driver. “I wouldn’t trade it with anyone!”

He continues, “Every day, for the most part, is different for me. I usually start the day by picking up all of Ultradent’s mail and bringing it back so it can be distributed throughout the campus, but from then on, it’s anyone’s guess.”

John’s job involves picking up and delivering parts, (mostly VALO®), a route he affectionately calls “the grand loop,” and taking Dr. Fischer and other guests to and from the airport. On a typical day, he drives anywhere from 60–120 miles! He’s also driven to places like Corvallis, Oregon; California, and Texas, on Ultradent’s errand. But it’s not the driving that makes John’s job so fun. “Truly, my job as a driver has allowed me to form a lot of great relationships with some of the most interesting and intelligent people in the world as they travel to and from Ultradent for various reasons. It’s given me opportunities I would never have had otherwise to meet people, go places, and see things that are just amazing.”

Some of the life-long friendships John credits to his job with the company include Dr. Renato Leonardo, a renowned dentist from Brazil that often lectures at Ultradent’s Summits and seminars. “I’ve also gotten close to Dr. Carlos Ramos (another doctor from Brazil). He jokingly calls me his ‘first American,’ since I’m the one who met him at the airport the first time he came from Brazil,” he laughs.

Another friendship he cherishes, thanks to his job, is his relationship with Dr. Fischer. “As Dr. Fischer’s unofficial driver, I pick him up and take him to the airport for most of his travels, and he travels a lot this time of year. Because of that, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with him and as a result, have had a special opportunity to really get to know him throughout the years,” he says. “He’s probably the single kindest individual I’ve ever met. We love to reminisce about the past and the bygone days of coming up in the era that we grew up in. We’re a few years apart in age but we have a lot in common that way.”

As Ultradent’s driver, he often gets to be the “eyes and ears” of the visitors that come visit the company’s headquarters. He says, “I’m asked all the time when I’m transporting people, ‘Is it all just ‘put-on’ or is everyone here really that nice?!’ I tell them, ‘Nope, it’s the real deal. I mean, we’re not perfect but everyone here is pretty decent!’ They just can’t believe it!”

Furthermore, he adds, “Without exception, every time we have an Ultradent Summit, I get told how great this place is and how neat the people who work here are and how impressive the facilities and manufacturing are. People are just incredulous. They can’t believe it. It’s really neat.”

Most of all, John says he loves the sense of family here—which is the main reason that when he came to work for Ultradent 11 years ago, he never left, and for that, we’re lucky.

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Dr. Gordon J. Christensen Endorses Golden Hands Award

This past May, following a nation-wide nomination and voting process, Ultradent Products, Inc., an international dental supply and manufacturing company based in South Jordan, Utah, was selected out of over 3,000 other nominated companies to receive the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Truth and Ethics in Advertising at a national dental trade show in Anaheim, California.

Initial nominees for the prestigious award were selected by a respected group of well-known clinicians and leaders in the dental industry, including numerous, well-known Key Opinion Leader doctors. They selected the nominees based on the merits of ethical conduct, placement of public health before profits, dependable products, knowledgeable personnel, and excellent customer service. The nominees were then voted on by thousands of practicing dentists across the nation to select the winner.

Here, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, arguably one of the most well-regarded dental clinicians in the world, speaks about the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Truth and Ethics in Advertising, and about why Ultradent received the great honor in 2015.
Thank you again, Dr. Amir Motamed, for conceiving of this worthy award, and to Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, for his generous endorsement.

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Uveneer: Versatile Uses for Predictable Results

Australian-based dentist Dr. Sigal Jacobson created the ingenious Uveneer™ direct composite template kit when she found that traditional freehand direct composite veneers were artistically challenging, time-consuming, unpredictable, and not always cost-effective. She spent years working with engineers to create the perfect design and process for her anterior facial matrix template system. The Uveneer direct composite template kit is great for more than just veneers and anterior restorations, though.

Dr. Harry Marget, President of the Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, called the Uveneer direct composite template kit “a simple, masterful piece of dental kit that [gives] the dentist not just the ability to do a veneer, but [to create a temporary] bridge, cover an implant, repair a broken tooth, disguise a stain, and so much more.”

Doctors around the world are having success with Uveneer. Dr. Chad Wagener, DDS, an instructor at the University of Iowa in the United States, discovered the usefulness of Uveneer in creating mock-ups. “With Uveneer, I have greatly reduced the time to mock-up and then reproduce the final restoration… In a single day I was able to do 11 mock-up veneers that were not part of the original schedule, resulting in several new cases being accepted.”

Professor Ian Meyers, Director of the ADA Queensland Centre for Professional Development in Australia, has also used the Uveneer template kit for more than direct composite veneers. “I have found [the templates] useful not only for full labial veneers, but also for the repair of tooth wear and erosion cases where incisal length has been lost. They are also useful for making temporary veneers and indirect veneers which are then cemented with resin.”

Whatever the use, the Uveneer direct composite template kit provides results quickly, simply, and predictably.

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Ultradent’s Revolutionary Tissue Management Products

It all began with tissue management here at Ultradent.

Following graduation from dental school at Loma Linda University in 1974, Dr. Fischer returned to his beloved native home, Utah, and started his own dental practice.

As business increased, Dr. Fischer found that rapid, profound hemostasis was imperative for quality operative dentistry. After an exhaustive search, he quickly realized that there were no products on the market that predictably controlled bleeding and sulcular fluid, so Dr. Fischer put his own natural-born insight and determination to work in order to find a predictable solution to this problem. Often working late into the night, he experimented with different chemistries—even drawing his own blood to test their hemostatic effects.

Finally, in 1976, Dr. Fischer invented and patented Ultradent’s groundbreaking hemostatic solution, Astringedent®,—a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution that when combined with a unique scrubbing technique he also pioneered, could instantly and predictably coagulate bleeding.

In an effort to market his invention, Dr. Fischer founded Ultradent Products, Inc. in 1978 and began travelling to industry trade shows, often demonstrating Astringedent’s ability to achieve rapid, profound hemostasis by drawing his own blood over and over.

Dr. Fischer’s invention of Astringedent more than 30 years ago set a new industry standard for rapid, profound hemostasis—revolutionizing dentistry by cutting down on chair time and decreasing costly impression remakes.

The invention of Astringedent paved the way to Ultradent’s family of flagship tissue management products, including ViscoStat®, ViscoStat® Clear, and Astringedent® X. ViscoStatprovides a more viscous alternative to Astringedent and boasts a higher ferric sulfate content of 20%. ViscoStat Clear, a 25% aluminum chloride solution, also comes as a viscous, spreadable gel but works to stop more minor cases of bleeding. ViscoStat Clear provides ideal hemostasis for esthetic cases thanks to its “clear” formula, which leaves no residue and doesn’t stain hard or soft tissues. Astringedent X, an aqueous 12.7% iron solution, provides an answer to difficult bleeding cases thanks to its stronger, more potent formulation.

Since Dr. Fischer’s advent of Astringedent, Ultradent Products, Inc. has grown into a world-renowned international dental company which, in addition to its family of more than 11 tissue management products, offers more than 500 dental products in its catalog. To learn more about Ultradent’s tissue management products and to begin building your own tissue management tool kit, visit www.ultradent.com.

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Ultradent’s 2015 Townie Choice Award Winners

Dentaltown.com is a place where dentists from around the world can connect with each other. Registered participants can share practice tips, pose clinical questions, and debate topics with their fellow “Townies.” It’s become a bustling communication hub for dentists, with the site averaging around 2,515 posts per day. And every year, Townies unite to vote on their favorite dental products in a wide range of categories that include anesthetics, office equipment, hygiene and restorative dentistry products, and more.

Ultradent has long enjoyed a rich history with Dentaltown, interacting often with clinicians and fellow Townies on the message boards since 2002 and having had the honor of having its products chosen among the winners of the Townie Choice Awards since their inception. Once again, Ultradent is proud and honored to have had several of our products selected by the thousands of Townies that voted in 2015. Regarding the many awards Ultradent’s products received, Ultradent’s senior marketing manager over brands, Sean Kennedy, says, “We are thrilled to have been included among the winners for the Townie Choice awards again this year. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products to our customers and their patients, and it’s great to hear clinicians recognize and appreciate our efforts. We appreciate the great work the Townie community puts into these reviews. It drives us to continue developing products that exceed expectations. We would also like to extend our sincere congratulations to all of the other winners in the many categories voted on this year.”

So, without further ado, here are the Ultradent’s 2015 Townie Choice Award Winners!

Best Take-Home Cosmetic Bleaching System:
Opalescence® PF Tooth Whitening Systems

Best In-Office Cosmetic Bleaching System:
Opalescence® Boost

Best Whitening Toothpaste:
Opalescence® Whitening Toothpaste

Best Canal Treatment Medicaments:
UltraCal® XS

Best Finishing & Polishing Pastes & Polishes:
Diamond Polish®

Best Caries Indicator:
Seek® and Sable™ Seek®

Best Etch:

Best Gingival Retraction Material:

Best Hemostatic Agent:
ViscoStat® and ViscoStat® Clear

Best LED Curing Light:
VALO® and VALO® Cordless

Best Matrix Material Wedge:
Triodent™ V-Wedge and Wave-Wedge

Best Matrix System:
Triodent™ V3 Sectional Matrix System

To learn more about Dentaltown’s 2015 Townie Choice Awards, please visit dentaltown.com. To learn more about Ultradent Products, Inc., or to purchase these products, please visit www.ultradent.com/townieawards.

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An Ultradent Holiday Tradition: R&R

Dr. Fischer has spoken many times about the importance of happiness in the workplace—even going so far as to say that the quality of Ultradent’s products depends on it! “We believe not only in the quality of products, but in the quality of the workplace, or the quality of the work environment—with an emphasis on happiness. We believe that it’s difficult to have quality products if there’s not a quality culture and quality of life in the workplace,” he says.

Ultradent has long hung its hat on being a family company—not only in that it started as a family-only company in 1978—but that family, and Ultradent’s family culture, despite the company’s incredible growth since its humble beginnings, still remains incredibly important. When it comes to work/life balance, being able to spend time with the ones you love and care for remains paramount to Dr. Fischer and to Ultradent’s company culture.

That is why, since its inception, Ultradent closes its doors every December 24th until after the New Year to allow every one of its now 1500+ employees to go home, relax, enjoy the holidays, and most importantly, spend time with their friends and family. We call this R&R, and it’s a benefit that has brought smiles to the faces of Ultradent employees year after year in anticipation of those precious few days the company gives as a (paid) gift to each and every one of its team members.

So this year, as R&R approaches, we hope you’ll remember to take the time to enjoy being with those dearest to you, as we do the same here at Ultradent.

But don’t worry—we’ll be back, ready and refreshed, for the wonderful 2016 on January 4th, and we hope you will be too.

Happy Holidays, from our Ultradent family to yours.

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Stocking Stuffers: Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile

With Christmas just a little more than two weeks away, perhaps you’ve finished picking out gifts for the special people in your life—now it’s time to wrap up the little details. Because the holidays have become synonymous with eating cookies, cakes, and sweets of every kind, here are a few stocking stuffer ideas that will help keep your loved ones’ smiles as happy as their tummies.

Ultradent® Tooth Brushes
With a comfortable grip and integrated tongue cleaner, Ultradent’s toothbrushes are effective in removing plaque and bacteria—providing gentle cleaning to the teeth and gums. They’re also available in a variety of colors, including red, purple, green, and blue.

Baby Banana® Brushes
Do you have a little one in your life not quite old enough to use a standard toothbrush? Fear not! Ultradent has you covered. Baby Banana Brushes were invented by registered dental hygienist, Heather Phillips and her mother-in-law, Sandra, after a near tragic accident involving her two-year-old nephew falling with a plastic toothbrush in his mouth. As a result she created Baby Banana Brushes, which are 100% medical grade silicone, with a soft, flexible C-shape design for safety. They come in a variety of kid-friendly shapes and colors, providing teething relief and toothbrush training for future, all in one!

Opalescence® Whitening Toothpaste
A dentist and patient favorite, Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste not only removes surface stains, but also strengthens the teeth with its unique formula. It is safe for everyday use, provides enamel protection and caries prevention, effectively removes surface stains, and has a superior fluoride release and uptake. This toothpaste is also a great way to maintain results of whitening treatment! Did we mention is also tastes amazing?

Opalpix will quickly become a must-have for keeping teeth clean and food-free between brushings and after meals. They won’t splinter or break like toothpicks, and have a textured surface for better cleaning. Opalpix strike the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, and help massage interproximal tissue during use.

Now that you’ve got your stocking stuffers covered, it’s time to make merry! Happy holidays from our Ultradent family to yours.

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Marketing Teeth Whitening in Your Dental Office

In addition to healthy teeth, nearly every dental patient would love a bright white smile. Give the people what they want! It’s a win-win for the patient and the dental office. Educating patients about their whitening options and offering a wide-variety of procedures and prices to fit each individual’s whitening needs simply equals good practice management.

Opalescence® Teeth Whitening Systems offers everything from one-stop, in-office, chairside whitening (Opalescence® Boost), to custom tray teeth whitening options in a range of concentrations (Opalescence® PF), to their newest take-home, disposable tray whitening system, Opalescence Go® (also available is 6%, 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide concentrations).

Here are a few ideas to make marketing teeth whitening in the dental office a cinch this holiday season and year-around:

Whitening Gift Bag

Give your patients a gift bag with Opalescence® toothpaste, a toothbruth, and an Opalescence Go Mini Kit.

Hustle and Bustle Whitening

For your patients who are pressed for time, or may have important holiday gatherings on the horizon, make sure they don’t forget about Opalescence Boost, a one-stop, in-office whitening treatment that makes getting their pearly whites sparkling a stress-free, easy experience!

Give Holiday Gift Coupons

Give your patients the gift of whitening by giving or sending them a coupon for a free or discounted Opalescence Go kit at their next appointment. Who wouldn’t love that?

Start a “Share a Smile” Social Media Campaign

Encourage patients to post pictures of their smiles on social media and tag your office for a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a free whitening treatment or Opalescence Go kit.

Make Your Office a “Bright White” Office

Decorate your office with whitening sample towers and free whitening promotional materials like countertop displays and brochures.

Stocking Stuffers

Offer whitening gift cards that patients can give to family and friends. It’s another great way to ease your patients’ stress of holiday shopping while growing your practice.

Host a Holiday Giveaway

Hold a month-long drawing for a chance to win a free kit of Opalescence Go. For patients who enter and don’t win, offer them a discount on their next whitening treatment or kit.

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